Kweichow Superb 1928 Auto Dollar.

China, China: Kweichow. Auto Dollar Year 17 (1928),...
China.Kweichow.Auto Dollar.YR17.

China,Kweichow,Auto Silver Dollar Year 17 (1928),Graded at AU58 by PCGS,a superb example of this ever-popular Silver Dollar,struck to commemorate the first road in the Province of Kweichow and said to feature the Governor's automobile on the obverse.
The details on this coin are impeccably sharp and the surface are a perfect blend of soft silvery patina and full mint lustre.

China, China: Kweichow. Auto Dollar Year 17 (1928),...
China.Kweichow.Auto Dollar.YR17.

Previous prices from Heritage Auction for similar items was realized at USD.14150.00 in January 13th 2009.
But,on 14th.April.2011,this China,Kweichow,Auto Silver Dollar Year 17 (1928),Graded at AU58 was sold in Rosemont Signature World & Ancient Coin CICF Auction for USD.74,750.00.

Source:Heritage Auctions.


  1. Phew, this automobile silver dollar will always remain our dream coin.
    Still remembered more than 20 years ago, we approached an elderly dealer and asked him to search for this coin even just one with very good condition, would do.
    He told us to be patient as it could be found.
    He had since died many years ago.
    But never seen a genuine one so far.
    This one is a real beauty, phiit :D

  2. I couldn't believe that all China Dragon Silver Dollars prices are rocketing high!Silver price USD.47.00 per oz the reason?I think is more than that!Beware of many almost looked original counterfeits.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    About silver!
    Haha, its really interesting to see how it will behave from here esp in relation to gold.
    The silver/gold ratio started off about 17:1 during the 18th century, which was about the same ratio of the actual amount of silver and gold on earth.
    Then it fluctuated from ratios of less than 10 to 100, before hovering at around 60 to 1 for a couple of years back. Now the ratio has been reduced to 30 plus.
    As for the old China silver dollars, haha, frankly we've not been touching any of them for a long time due to fear of conterfeits.
    We dare not take the risk because most of these coins are now very expensive and we have not the slightest knowledge to determine most of these high quality fakes.
    So we feel better not touch them at all.
    Anyway most of them are beyond our financial means which is also a blessing in disguise, haha.
    But with everyone inlcuding IMF talking about China, we as coin collectors somehow find it hard not to go for at least some China coins.
    So now we concentrate on the 1 to 5 fen aluminum coins.
    And these coins also we find some difficulties getting the high grade ones esp the earlier dates.
    As we are amateurs, honestly what's your expert opinion about the prospect of China coins?
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  4. Dear whycollect,Thanks.
    Just too bad,I am also an amateur like you all for China coins.They are just too many and too much to learnt about China coins.Although I know Chinese but I know too litter to understand them.
    Recently,a friend of my,he is also a numismatist,came back from US,he told me there were 3 pieces of made in China (MIC) counterfeit Queen Victoria 50 Cents 1889,were so perfect that even encapsulated and graded AU58 by the renown US grading house,one piece was sold through a famous auction house.
    Gosh!we just got te be extra cautious.
    Always remember,nothing comes cheap! Cheer!

  5. i have a lot of this coins which my dad pass over to me. I dont know about these coins, can anyone advice?

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    We have to see and check the weight!

  7. Are these really that rare? I just found one in a box of coins I just bought for the hell of it!!!

    Yeh I know what your thinking!!!! BS


  8. I have recently come across such a coin in Seoul. However, I do not know if this is a legitimate coin. How can I tell? From all inspection, I can see only a very slight difference in a line on the car.

    I'm pretty excited about the prospect. Are there any known fakes? If so, how can I determine if this is authentic?


  9. I have one of these coins, given to me by a relative who had Chinese Clients . How would I know if it was is more of a silvery colour and old looking