Malaysia Major Off-Center Strike Error Coin


Malaysia.2001.20 Cents.
Major Off-Center Strikes.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

There are various classes of off-center strike coins.
The first is a measure of the degree or amount of off-center the error is. This is normal expressed as a percentage. A 5% off-center coin has the majority of the design present and could easily be missed with a quick glance. On the other hand a 95% off-center coin would appear as near miss with only the smallest portion of the planchet struck with any design and the odds of a full date are slim.

Malaysia.2001.20 Cents.
Major Off-Center Strikes.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Second,a no date, partial date, and the full date off-center strike coin. One can see that if a small percentage of any mintage is struck off-center in error that only part of them will still retain the area of the design that might contains the date, making full date major off-center coins the scarcest of all and the most desirable.
This a Major Off-Center Strike 20 cents coin,50% off- center struck at 9 o'clock on obverse.
On the reverse,this 20 cents coin with 50% off-center at 3 o'clock and exhibits partial date.


  1. Phew, a full date major off center coin!
    Gonna crank up our search machines, haha!
    Thanks alot for sharing, Dickson :)