Siamese Porcelain GlamblingTokens.Part III.

Mr.Chris, a "German Guy" as we used to address him by my Sifu-Sifu whenever we touched the topic of Siamese Gambling Porcelain Tokens in Kuala Lumpur.

He emailed me after visited my Blog on:

He wanted to know more about who are the collectors of Siamese Gambling Porcelain Tokens and the latest development of this hobby in Malaysia.

I told him about the best collection of Siamese Gambling Porcelain Tokens by our late President of MNS,Mr.E.E.Sim. His collection was sold to Mr.Anthony Tan of Singapore.I also told him about the famous "German Guy" who collected as many as 5,000 pieces.

He replied:
"Wow... I think I know the German guy too... I see him every morning when I look into the mirror...
Ha ha ha I guess it's me... I'm the "German guy" where people are talking about in regards to Siamese porcelain tokens and it's true what people say there are really that many "specimens" tokens out there.
But you need to distinguish the word "specimens". I would rather say there are about 2000 to 2500 different designs of Siamese porcelain tokens whereby a design can have different nominations like pei, songpei, fuang & salung. But in most of the cases a design has only a fuang and a salung value and/or the next smaller nominations got lost over time."
This is his second set of Siamese Gambling Porcelain Tokens for sale.

Siamese Porcelain Token Collection 2

Price:EUR.1199.00.(101 pieces)

(To Be Continued) 


  1. Phew, simply mesmerizing looking at them.
    Wonder anyone in the world have a complete collection of these pees.
    Thanks a lot Dickson :)

  2. Dear whyollect,
    The right person to answer you is Mr.Chris I am amazed with his collections too!