Malaysia 1993,50 Cents Counterfeits In Parliament Series.


I  completed flipped,checked and scrutinised 3,516 pieces of Malaysia Parliament and Bunga Raya  series of 50 Cents coin recently.

I found  52 pieces (1.5%) of 50 Cents counterfeit coins.Out of these 52 pieces,2 pieces can be attracted to  magnets.A piece dated 1993 and the other was dated 2005.

Malaysia.1993. 50 Cents.
Counterfeit Coin.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Malaysia.1993. 50 Cents.
Counterfeit Coin.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
To me, a piece of 1993 50 Cents counterfeit coin was found is a "great" discovery in the history of Malaysia Bunga Raya Series Counterfeits. Before this piece of 1993 50 Cents Bunga Raya Series Counterfeits was found, the earliest date was dated 1998,so I always thought that the counterfeiters started to mint Malaysia 50 Cents Bunga Raya Series Counterfeit coins from 1998.Now,we knew there were in operations since 1993.
It was minted on a steel plated planchet, thus is attracted to magnets.

Multiple Crack Die Errors.
On  reverse of the coins,there were multiple thin cracked lines, the "Multiple Die Crack " errors.
On 22nd of July.2011,I received a sms message from a face book friend who is a regular visitor to my Blog, her name is Lily from Kota Kinabaru,Sabah,she told me she had a piece of "Tumbler" coin, one piece 50 Cents 1993 and an other piece dated 2000 of Malaysia Bunga Raya Series Counterfeit coins,both counterfeit coins were attracted to magnets.
This is to make a conclusion that the counterfeit coins were in production and circulation since 1993 not only in West Malaysia, these counterfeits were export from West Malaysia to East Malaysia or even were produced locally in East Malaysia.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Thanks a lot for the info.
    Will have to recheck old stocks again, haha.
    This 1993 faked coin reminds us of the still earlier 1985 faked 50sen and the one ringgit nordic gold coins.
    Cheers :)

  2. Hi Mr.Dickson,
    Dalam 3516 keping tentu banyak errors yg dijumpai..hahaha
    Depankanta berpendapat syiling palsu ini walaupun tertempa tahun berapa tapi ianya dibuat selepas tahun 2000.Pembuatnya mungkin membuat syiling berkenaan pada tahun 2005 tapi ditempa tahun "berapa yg dia suka"(sebab dia orang bukan ada ISO atau apa2 piawai yg perlu dipatuhi)..depankanta ada jumpa syiling palsu tahun 1998 yg keadaan berkilat macam baru setahun dibuat..Melainkan ada rekod syiling palsu dijumpai pada tahun2 awal pengeluarannya.
    Ini hanya pendapat depankanta untuk perkongsian kita bersama..
    Terima kasih banyak Mr.Dickson

  3. Dear Whycollect,
    1985 faked 50sen is one,and only year that you can find counterfeits in Malaysia Parliament Series.
    It was agreed by the veteran collectors,this 1985 50 Cents counterfeits is one of the best counterfeits and we named it the contemporary counterfeits!
    As for the $ & RM1.00 Copper-Nickel "gold coin",to collect a set in UNC is not an easy task today!!

  4. Dear Depankanta,
    Hi!Ia,saya bersetuju dengan kamu ada kemungkinan besar mereka "Restrike" dengan Die-Die yang lama yang berlainan tahun.
    Tetapi,saya yakin mereka memang ada menghasilkan syiling-syiling pada tahun-tahun asalnya.
    Akan tetapi,kenaikan kos material dan operation mesti telah menjejaskan kadar keuntungan mereka,sehingga mereka (mungkin) tidak berbaloi untuk buat mould baru,sebab saya masih tidak jumpa syiling-syiling 50 sen palsu untuk tahun 2010!

  5. I also got one 50 cent "magnet attractable" coin mint in year 1993. and currently sell at ebay.

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    Morning!Thank you for visiting my Blog.I couldn't find your item as mentioned,please sms me at 0179796337 your quoted price to sell! I am interested.Thank you.

  7. Hi Dickson,

    What will be the indicative price? Thanks.

  8. Hi Anonymous,
    Happy new year 2012 to you and your family!

  9. Hi Dickson,

    Happy New Year to you and all at home. I am TP Chua from Singapore, collecting fakes and errors coins. I do have a complete set of one ringgit fakes and some 50 sen fakes in 2003, 2005 and 2007. I want to buy the rest magnetic and non magnetic fakes, do you sell them? BTW, where is your shop? I thot of going to KL soon.

  10. Hi Mr.TP Chua,
    You are most welcome to KL!
    Beside Mr.Wong Hon Sum-President of Asia Numismatic Society (Singapore) like to collect Malaysia rare and mint error coins,glad to know that you are our member too.
    I do have some counterfeit Malaysia coins for sale!
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  11. Hi Dickson,

    TP Chua again, please send a list and their RSP to me at

    I had been following your blog regularly. I find them to be interesting, full of know how and your circle of friends do provide valuable inputs regarding errors, freaks and PMJs. Do continue to write and share.

  12. Dear TP Chua,
    Thank you for your good commet!
    You are most welcome to joint us!

  13. hello..recently i found 1985 50 cent in my pocket....i wonder if it's a there coin mintage in 1985?if it's authentic how much is its value?

  14. Hi Drifter Herbert,
    Welcome to my Blog.
    They were 7.1 millions pieces of 1985 50 cents coin minted in Royal Mint.
    However, they are some comtemporary counterfeits 1985 counterfeit coin found with years dated 1985.
    You may visit my web site:

    Happy Niewmismatic.

  15. Hi Mr Dickson,
    I have found another specimen of forgery 50sen1993. Loos like mine is cuter than yours. But yours is surely his big brother, hehe. Do read them here.

    Thanks :)

  16. i,ve been reading the messages in here until i realized that i also have a 50 cent bunga raya coin that can stick to a magnet/a five ringgit cross note variety/rm 2 ringgit UNC complete sets with 3 signature and many more.i can be contacted at this number 0129855013,now base in penang.