Visit to East Malaysia,Sabah and Sarawak.

On 4th.July.2011,I make a working trip with my colleagues to Kota Kinabaru,Sabah.

Wisma Merdeka.Kota Kinabaru.Sabah.
 On the second day,after completed my mission,I went to the shopping mall just next to my hotel,the Wisma Merdeka.One of the oldest shopping mall in Kota Kinabaru. From my previous trips (before seriously  involve in numismatic),I knew that they are some numismatic and antique dealers in this shopping mall.
To my surprised,they are all on 3rd floor,still in operation and more.They are all together six stores but only three are more serious in coins and banknotes.

Pusaka Antik dan Art,is the first store that I visited.Situated right at the middle of a food court.I went into the store,full of Chinawares,porcelain items,Chinese teapots and Sabah natives handicrafts and arts.A Malay lady was standing in the counter serving a Malay customer who are interested on some stones.
I waited for her to complete her sale,and asked her for UNC Malaysia modern coins.She replied to me with a sweet smiling face that only her husband will know whether they have the stock or not.I suggested to  her to call her boss,she told me he is on his way,just give him another half and hour!

I asked for her boss namecard,she past me her name card instead and wrote a name on it,Hashim.She said,he is her husband,the owner of this shop and she is actually running a food store adjacent to this antique shop!I can,t stop laughing and told her that all this while I thought this was a Chinese shop.She laughed as well and replied I am not the first one to make such mistake!Looked at her shop full of Chinese blue&white porcelain items,Chinese teapots,sunken shipwreck earthwares etc,who will believe that the owner is not Chinese!

The cool man:Pak Hashim.
 She told me that her husband's Sifu was a Chinese by the name of Mr.Aw.That recalled my memory of the legendery story of Mr.Aw who gone missing and later found dead in treasure hunt trip in Sabah!
True enough,her husband-the boss came in at the right time.A cool gentlement with a cowboy hat.I greeted him and asked him for the UNC Malaysia modern coins.He said he didn't keep any such items and very kind of him to offer to bring me to a Chinese shop who has these UNC  Malaysia modern coins.
After visited other coin shops,I came back to him to say thank you and took a photo of him!


  1. Happy hunting, Dickson :D

  2. Aiyo you should have contact me we can go together to yamcha in KK...hehhee yes wisma merdeka is the first place in kk to sell antiques things..I went there meet charlie, ntchong and adam when I have the time and $.

  3. Dear Danny,
    Please email your H/P number to me,I won't miss you for yamcha when I visit KK again!
    I did met Charlie Chau(my brother's old buddy friend) and Mr.N.T.Chong,I had a good chat with them!
    Too bad,I missed Mr.Danny!Sorry and thousand apologies!Haha!
    BTW,who is Adam?Pak Hashim?
    Happy Week-end!

  4. Dear whycollect,
    Happy week-end!
    I really enjoyed meeting people in Sabah and Sarawak!Only problem I encountered is difficult to tell what are their origin!They looked a like.When I asked in Chinese,they replied in Bahasa,when I talked Malay to them,they answered in Chinese!Haha!
    One thing for sure,they are very friendy!

  5. Haha Surely I will email you later. Err Adam Goh is the one on the left of NT Chong's shop. Or maybe his shop is closed when you visit there(he usually is!). Most of them are chinese origin, the only one not chinese is Pak Hashim. Great photos..

  6. Dear Danny,
    Happy Sunday!
    Yes,Adam Goh's shop is always closed.I made 3 attempts,still no chance to say hello to him.
    If you visit the rest again,please send my best regards and remind them to visit my Blog!
    I did told them thier shops will be posted on my Blog.
    Thank you in advance!!

  7. Aiyah bro...
    You're looking at the wrong shop. I myself never bought anything from that Malay guy.
    I don't know you're going to Sabah.

  8. Dear Lunaticg,
    Sorry lah Bro.Because I was on a working trip and curi-curi tulang a bit to visit coin dealers in Wisma Merdeka.First time!