What is a hub,and how is it used to make a die?

Coin Dies To Mint US Coins.
 A  hub is a tool which has the design of one side of the coin (medal,token,etc.)  on its face. To make a die,the hub is pressed into the softened steel die blank at least once, usually two or more times.Thus the die has a matching relief or incuse design, a mirror image of the hub design,so that when the die strikes a coin it will produce a matching relief or incuse design on the coin.
If you lay a piece of aluminum foil over a coin and press it down until it picks up the design,you have something that will demonstrate the difference between a die and a hub.The surface of the foil in contact with the coin has an incuse design- like the die.The upper surface of the foil has a relief design,like the hub. If you could harden the foil,you would have a die with which  to strike more coins.If you turn the foil over,you would have a hub to make more dies.

"The design on a hub is in relief." How does that work on a coin with incuse design elements?

A Defaced US 5¢ Coin Die.
"The design on a hub is in relief." is a general statement,true of most coins,the vast majority of which have relief design. The hub has the design exactly as it appear on the coin.If the design is in relief, it will be the same on the hub.Where is incuse,it will also be incuse on the dub.


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