"Education Department Victoria Swimming And Life Saving" Medal.

I have in my posession a "Education Department Victoria Swimming And Life Saving" Medal. It is silver in colour.
On obverse, it has a lady holding a child's hand and another child is in the water. The lady is holding a trident.

On the reverse is rather elaborate. It has a naked man with cloth draped around his groin area holding what seems to be a plume or branch in his right hand.

On the edge is engraved or impressed with lettered  "William Atkinson 1925".

The medal was struck by the Melbourne firm:Stokes and Martin

Primary Classification:      MEDALS

Secondary Classification:  Life Saving Awards
Tertiary Classification:      Swimming Proficiency
Material:                            Silver
Weight:                               67.13gm (Silver value about RM250.00)
Issued By:                          Education Department of Victoria,
                                            Victoria, Australia
Australia Education Dept. of Victoria, Swimming and Lifesaving (AD)
Mint: Not recorded
Other Details: Education Department of Victoria swimming and lifesaving medal.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Nice big silver medallion.
    Good thing about collecting these medallions.
    Each one usually has an interesting story to tell.
    And some more comes with a big chunk of silver, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Good news!Silver price is still heading north!
    At least our Singapore Silver Proof Coins got better bullion price.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Sing Proof Coins!
    Yes, especially those 2 ouncers zodiac series piedfort proofs of the 90's.
    They are real solid man, haha.
    Hmmm...think about it, maybe having at least two 'wives' in numismatic is not too many.
    One in gold and silver, while the other in copper, cupro-nikel, etc.
    These two are equally fantastic, haha.
    Arg, if only we have unlimited financial resources, haha.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  4. Dear whycollect,
    JFYI,Singapore 10 Dollars Double thickness, weight 2 Troy oz .9990 fine silver (62.206gm)Proof Coin was recently put on Java Auction, Bandung, Jakarta,Indonesia, with a reserved price of Rp.1,250,000.00 (SGD 183.82)or (RM450.36).
    Two 'wives'?
    How about a third 'wife'?
    Nickel Brass + Stainless Steel.Haha!!