Johor Katun Or Tin Cash 


Johor Katun Or Tin Cash  minted in a variety of shapes and sizes.
They were Bar type,Round type,Hexagonal type and Octagonal type.

Malaysia. Johor Katun Or Tin Cash 
In Hexagonal Shape.Obverse.
A Central Dot.
With Some Fragments Of Letters.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Malaysia. Johor Katun Or Tin Cash .
In Hexagonal Shape.Reverse.Blank.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Most of the Arabic inscriptions on obverse are worn off. The reverse are blank.
The common types are the pieces with a pusat (Dot) in the centre.

The tin coins of Johor in good condition are very difficult to obtain.Those  that did survive the ravages of times (about 250 years) are generally found in very poor condition.Turn up in VG-F condition.




  1. Looks very interesting. It's really hard to find this kind. Thanks fro sahring.

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  2. Now I use Metal Detector to find the Keton (not KATUN) in a river of Johor. I found many variety of Keton there. The condition between Keton in the mud and Keton on the land is different. Keton in the mud in a very good condition. You still can read what has written on the Keton. The most popular and rare is Haza Al Masruf (This is petty money) Dar Al Johora (of the city of Johore). – Johore SS30 – Hexagonal. And I found many of unlisted Keton which is not is Johore SS. The rare unlisted is Johor SS30. Is not Hexagonal BUT Octagonal. And it’s still in my collection. Every weekend I search Keton with my Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector and every time I search, I bring back home around 20 – 30 pieces. That takes around 2 hour’s job. I would like to meet you, Mr. Dickson. To show you the unlisted Keton. / You also can look at my Facebook.

  3. What is the usual value of an average Johor keton? Thank you