Malaysia One Dollar/Ringgit Blank,1989-1996.

If your blank coin doesn't even have the upraised rim yet, it's technically a coin blank. A coin blank is the metal disc onto which a coin will be struck. The blank is punched in its round form from a strip of machined coin alloy, and then processed through the upsetting mill, which raises the proto-rims on the blank and turns it into a planchet.

If it is made of silver, it is almost impossible to authenticate, but if it's clad, an expert in error coins could probably authenticate it, in which case (if authentic) it's worth maybe RM50 or more. Keep in mind that a genuine coin blank will have a rough, perhaps sharp edge, and the blank may be off-color or grainy looking, depending on what part of the coin blank processing phase it was in when it left the mint.

Beware of nice, shiny looking coin blanks with no upraised rim and a smooth edge. These usually just counterfeit blanks made to deceive vending machines.Get an expert advice about your Blank Coin.
In all matters of this sort, it's best to get your blank coin weight!

This is a coin blank of Malaysia one dollar (1989 to 1993) or Ringgit (1993 to 1996) counterfeit coins.

Coin Blank Of Malaysia One Dollar Counterfeit Coin.
1989 To 1996.Obverse.
(Mahadevan Collection)

Coin Blank Of Malaysia One Dollar Counterfeit Coin.
1989 To 1996.Reverse.
(Mahadevan Collection)
Weight     :9.51gm.  Normal:9.30gm.
Diameter :2.50mm. Normal:2.50mm.
Thickness:2.38mm. Normal:2.60mm-with Raised Rim.




  1. Hi Dickson,
    Yes, we have come across this one too, with those concentric circles very obvious on its surface.
    Unlike the genuine RM1 blanks, these counterfeit blanks are more commonly found among the loose change when the RM1 coins were still in circulation.
    We observed another blogger has posted a specimen on his blog too.
    Thanks a lot for pointing out this good reference specimen, Dickson :)

  2. Hai

    I have one in my collection

    Thanks for the info


  3. Dear whycollect,
    This is a blank without milled edge,I have one that posted earlier in my Blog is a Planchet that with milled edge.

  4. Dear my-koleksi,
    Thanks you for visiting my Blog.
    Seen your Blog and your collection of the mentioned coin blank,it is a Planchet that with milled edge and raised rim.

  5. Hi Dickson.
    Before I meet you, I found many people selling coin blank. At that time, all my friends don't know how to explain about malaysia coin blank to me. Hopefully next time I can find them again in the future.

  6. Dear Lunaticg,
    Find more and sell it to me!Haha!
    Plus tokens,I am looking those of British North Borneo-Estate tokens and tokens of Kepulauan Indonesia! Thank you in advance!