Sarawak Star Notes

From 1940 the reverse of coupons remained blank with the exception of Sarawak where the value was indicated by the number and size of the stars on the ornate reverses.
5 small stars represented 5 Katis
10 small stars represented 10 Katis
25 small stars represented 25 Katis
1 large star represented 1 Picul
5 large stars represented 5 piculs

Collectors will also come across Coagulant Units. These coupons were used to assist in regulating the amount of rubber that could be processed. Formic acid, and occasionally acetic acid and sulphuric acid, was used to coagulate the latex into soft slabs of rubber in preparation for rolling into thin sheets that are smoked and then baled and exported. Like rubber coupons, the coagulant units were necessary to purchase acid and were issued between 1940 and 1941, also being printed by the Survey Department FMS.
Coagulant unit coupons with a validity of one or two months were issued by Federated Malay States, Straits Settlements Mainland, Johore, Kedah and Trengganu in denominations of 1, 2 and 5 units, or 20 kilo jars.

Paper Rubber

In the late 1930s some of the smaller growers found it more profitable to sell their coupons for cash, or exchange them at the local stores for provisions, rather than harvest and sell their allowance of natural rubber. It is said that at times a 1 Picul coupon could be exchanged for more than $100.00, creating the expression "Paper Rubber".
One other item associated with this era was a share certificate issued in 1938 when estate owners wanted to plant more trees.

These certificates were exchanged for a permit to plant rubber trees and issued in denominations:
1 share      1/20 acre or 8 poles
2 share      1/10 acre or 16 poles
5 share      1/4 acre or 1 rood

The most common coupons are dated 1951-42 from Sarawak, Johore, Kedah and Straits Settlements Mainland. These are key coupons from the later period. BL & P (an unknown location), Singapore Island and Trengganu coupons are also difficult to find.
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