Johore Mas Meeting In Kuala Lumpur On 26-11-2011.
Announcement: Master Saran Singh had decided to withdraw the letter of "Authentication Mas Johor" that he signed during this meeting with immediate effect.(9.30pm. 28-10-2014). He is no longer responsible in any Johor Gold Kupang and Mas business transaction using or attached with this letter with his signature. Thank you!
From Left:Bob Chew,Dickson,Raja Kamarazaman,Saran,Anjung dan Sabri.
Early last week I received a message from Anjung Numismatik, a Blogger cum Facebooker asking me to arrange a meeting with Guru Saran Singh to authenticate his collection of Johore MAS coins.

Anjung Numismatik, a very young collector,love to collect,doing research on Malaysia Sultanate coinage.

Serious Discussion.
Guru Saran Singh was very kind to accept my invitation. I arranged the meeting to be held at 3.30pm on 26-11-2011,Saturday at Bob Chew's shop on the 7th floor of Berjaya Times Square,Kuala Lumpur.

Presence were Anjung Numismatik and the Johore MAS man Raja Kamarazaman from Johore,MGM Sabri,Mr.Chaw,Bob Chew from Kuala Lumpur,new and young collectors Alex Wong and Rickky Chia from Bukit Jalil.

Going Through The Working Papers Prepared By Anjung Numismatik.
I also invited Lunaticq,he is busy to be a father,Si Polan replied he has to attend a class.Uptown Bank Note going down south to Kota Tinggi with his lovely family to tour the Nusantara. Gsk CoinNotes was missing in action in the jungle!

We had a solid 3 hours of very fruitful discussion,authentication and viewing of Anjung Numismatik and Raja Kamarazaman's Johore Mas collection.

A Very Serious Authentication.

Unlisted Items.

"Live Telecast."

More Discussion With The New Collector Rickky Chia Listening Patiently.
Later,Anjung Numismatik and Raja Kamarazaman went to meet Guru Adnan and Guru Ishar Abdul Latif. 
Next meeting hope to be held at Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya.


  1. Hi Guru Dickson,
    TQ so much to Guru Saran Singh and u; coz lend us precious time and opinions.
    Thanks to all friends.