Malaysia Numismatic Society
Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.150.                                        
The 150th Auction by the
Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS)
will be held on Sunday,18th DECEMBER.2011

No   QTY     Description
101.      2    Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM10
                   ZE0000382 & ZE 1000382 Dr Zeti Aziz's
                   signature (last 6 digits matching).
                   Grade: UNC.   Reserve Price: RM90.  Realised Price:RM90
102.      3    Malaysia  11th Series Replacements RM10
                   ZD9999383, ZE0000383 & ZE1000383 Dr Zeti
                   Aziz's signature (last 3 digit matching).
                   Grade: UNC.   Reserve Price:RM150. 

103.      3   Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM10
                  ZD9999956, ZE0000056 & ZE1000056 Dr Zeti
                  Aziz's signature (last 2 digit matching).
                  Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM580.

104.      2   Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM1 
                  ZD0136183 & ZAB0136183 Dr Zeti
                  Aziz's signature (both pieces having same nos).
                  Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM100.  Realised Price:RM100
105.      1   Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM50
                  ZA0126843 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature. 
                 Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM100
106.      3   Malaysia 9th Series Replacements RM2 ZD0027985,
                  ZD0187615 & ZD0228985 Ali Abul Hassan's (side)
                  signature ( all notes ending with digit '5'.)
                  Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM200.  

107.      2   Malaysia 8th & 9th Series RM2 DF0295504 & DF7232804 
                  Ahmad Don's signature &  Ali Abul Hassan's (side) 
                  signature (both notes ending with digit '04'.)
                  Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM50.       

108.      2   Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM10 ZA1414556/57
                  (without silver security thread) Dr Zeti  Aziz's signature .
                  Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM80.  Realised Price:RM80   

109.      3    Malaysia 1st Series RM5 A/44 754824/26 Ismail Ali's
                   signature, Bradbury Wilkinson.                  
                   Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM630

 110.    200 Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADT9999101/200 &
                   ADU9999101/200 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                   (all notes with same nos).
                   Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM900.  
111.     2     Malaysia 6th Series RM5 Jaffar Hussien's signature &
                   11th Series RM10 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature - PG7777777
                   (both pieces with same prefix and nos).
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM1,500.  Realised Price:RM1,500

112.      1    Malaysia 6th Series RM5 PG11111111 Jaffar
                   Hussein's signature, Thhomas De La Rue                                   
                   Grade: UNC   Reserve Price:RM850.

113.      5    Malaysia 11th Series RM1 AD1111111, 2222222,
                   3333333, 4444444 & 5555555 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature.                  
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM1,000.

114.      1    Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADQ1111111 Dr Zeti
                  Aziz's signature.
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM200.  Realised Price:RM200   

115.      1    Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADV2222222 Dr Zeti
                  Aziz's signature  .
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM200.  

116.      1     
Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADP4444444  Dr Zeti
                    Aziz's signature                  
                    Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM200.  

117.      1    Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ACD5555555 Dr Zeti
                   Aziz's signature
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM200.

118.      1     Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ACB7777777 Dr Zeti
                    Aziz's signature.               
                   Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM200. 
119.      1    Malaysia 6th Series RM1 GF1111111 Jaffar Hussein's
                   signature, Thomas De La Rue.
                   Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM300.  Realised Price:RM300

120.     1     Malaysia 6th Series RM1 FS2222222 Jaffar Hussein's
                   signature, Thomas De La Rue.
                    Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:R300.  Realised Price:RM300

To Be Continued .....      


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