Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.150.

                  (SPECIAL HIGHLIGHT)

# Malaysia RM100 (Gold-.917,W:18.66gm) 1971.  

Tunku Abdul Rahman (In Box)    

Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM3000.  Realised Price:RM3300.

# MalaysiaRM500 (Gold-.900,W:33.4370gm) 1976  

Conservation)(Tapir) Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM5500. 

Realised Price:RM6500.

# Malaysia Coins Planchets/Blanks,1 Cent,5 Cents,10 Cents,  

20 cents, 50cents & $1.00 (Copper Zinc) 

Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM150.  Realised Price:RM320.   

# Malaysia 20 Cents 1973 Error Coin (Wrong Planchet Errors)
Minted on 10 cents Planchet
Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM300.  Realised Price:RM410

# Malaysia 1 cent,5 Cents,10 cents,20 cents &
50 cents 1967 Wallet Coin set. (Brown)Private issue.

Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM100.  Realised Price:RM160

# Malaysia 10 Cents Coin 1971 (For Circulation Variety)

Grade: EF.  Reserve Price:RM150. 
Realised Price:RM360 

# Malaysia - Bandaraya Shah Alam RM1.00 
Commemorative 2000.
Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM300.  Realised Price:RM480  








# Malaysia 5th Series RM20 TE7777777 Aziz Taha's signature, 

Bradbury Wilkinson (last code letterfor Series).

 Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM4,000  Realised Price:RM7,000

# Malaysia 6th Series RM20 TF7777777 Jaffar Hussien's signature,
   Thomas De La Rue  (only 2 code letters for Series - TF & TG, TH 
   only 1st digit '0' & '1' known).
  Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM5,000.  Realised Price:RM7,500  

# Malaysia 7th Series Replacements RM5 NZ0801248/49  
   Ahmad Don's signature,Thomas De Rue                     
   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM170
  Realised Price:RM2400

Malaysia 20 Cents 1978             
    Grade: BU.  Reserve Price:RM100.  Realised Price:RM140

 Malaysia Numismatic Society.  

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  1. That wrong planchet error of 20 sen 1973 is super lovely!

  2. Hi mnfaj<
    I totally agreed with you!I missed that although I had one very similar to it!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Noticed high end items sold best during the auction.
    Thanks a lot :)

  4. Hi whycollect,
    To our surprised!Tunku Gold still realised at RM3300 high price!

  5. Hi, regarding 1976 RM500 tapir gold coin, anyone would like to let go? Let me know, thank u. 0126016438

  6. Dear Foong,
    Thank you for visiting my Blog!
    Yes!Will do so!