Malaysia Forgery Parking Meter Tokens A Counterfeit 50 Cents Blank!

In the 90's when Malaysia local town councils start to introduce parking meter to replace parking attendants in town,you have to "feed" the parking meters yourself with coins. Each hour was charged from 30 cents to 50 cents depend on the location.But very soon the smart caveat emptors start to introduce their parking meter tokens.
These parking meter tokens were the salesman's  favourite. Due to their nature of work,salesman need to use a lot of coins for "feeding" the parking meter,in order to save cost,they start to buy and use these counterfeit 50 cents coins/blanks.I was told by a ex-sales executive,they were offered RM20 for a pack of 100 pieces 50 cents blanks.You must be smart to use these forgery tokens,when you feed the parking meter with counterfeit coins,always remember the last two pieces must use the genuine 50 Cents coins,because there is "glass window" to check your coins on the parking meter.

Same Diameter.
Plain Edge
Different In Thicknes

Composition: Steel metal,attracted to magnets.(Normal coin: Copper-nickel)
Weight :+-9.00gm.(Normal 50 Cents coin: 9.33gm)
Diameter: 28.00mm (Normal 50 Cents coin: 27.76mm)
Thickness: 1.90mm (Normal 50 Cents coin:2.18mm)

Today,our parking meters are much more smarter,they only "eat" the genuine coins!


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Interesting story.
    Heard about their usage back then but didn't know they were the salesmen favourite.
    Its so nostalgic to think about these machines which have to be operated manually like the parking meter.
    Its a pity most use cards nowadays.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  2. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Depankanta ada juga terdengar cerita pasal parking meter tokens ini tapi tak tau pula ianya dibuat secara besar-besaran sampai dijual secara pukal.
    Mungkin mesin2 yg guna syiling siri ke3 nanti lebih selamat kerana ia hanya menerima syiling spanish flower yg agak sukar dibuat.
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson.

  3. Hi whycollect,
    I was told the caveat emptors produced some of these parking forgery tokens in plastic material and sold them for RM18.00 per 100 pieces.So the salesman can save another 20%.I am yet to collect some pieces in plastic material.
    In order for the current parking meters to be able to accept the third series new coinage,it needs at least six month to up grade the mechanism.

  4. Depankanta,
    Kita belum tahu lagi apa yang mereka (caveat emptors) tidak boleh buat!
    Saya diberitahu blank syiling palsu 50 sen sekarang ini diimport dari Amerika Selatan.
    Tak lah susah sangat nak copy pattern blank coin 50 sen yang berbentuk spanish flower!