Malaysia Parliament House Series 1967 5 Cents Coin With Straight Clipped Error.
Rarity: RR/BU

In my last post: MALAYSIA 1979 10 CENTS CURVED CLIP ERROR, I did mentioned that the "Blakesley effect" does not always appear on a struck clipped error coin.

A clipped planchet is result from accidents when the steel rods used to punch out blanks from the metal strip occasionally misfeed, it can occurs where the strip of metal is not fed through the blanking machine far enough, thus it overlaps a portion of the strip already punched.

A straight clip is thought to result when a blanking die (punch) slices through the leading or trailing end of the coin metal strip. This pre-supposes that the ends were trimmed prior to the coil being fed into the blanking press.

Another possibility is the blanking die slicing through one side of a strip that is too narrow. This situation might arise if the splitter, which divides the original wide strip into narrower slips, is not positioned right in the middle of the coil.

Read more: http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2014/01/1961-cent-straight-clip-errors.html#ixzz34uI8PTwG


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