Malaysia 3rd Series (M3S) 20 Sen Coin Planchet.
The Third Series of Malaysian Coins was themed with "Distinctively Malaysia". The designs of the third series of Malaysian coins draw its inspiration from distinctive elements that define Malaysian culture and heritage.

The theme, 'Distinctively Malaysia', features motifs from traditional crafts and our flora and fauna. The coins reflect the diversity and richness of Malaysia's national identity.
Common Features On the obverse, each denomination features a different motif, 14 dots representing the 13 states and the Federal Territory and (with exception in the case of the 50 sen coin) five horizontal lines representing the five principles of the 'Rukun Negara' (national pillars).

On the reverse, the new series of coins feature the national flower Rosa-sinensis hibiscus (known as the 'Bunga Raya'), numerals indicating the year of minting, the face value of the coin and the words 'BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA'.

Face:20 sen
Bunga Melur
The 'bunga melur' or jasmine flower is culturally significant among the three major races in Malaysia. Its aromatic scent makes it an important part of traditional ceremonies like weddings and prayers. It is also a popular motif in traditional arts and crafts like embroidery and silverwork.

On the new 20 sen coin, the jasmine flower is featured with a 'destar siga' cloth motif in the background.

Alloy: Nickel Brass
Diameter: 20.60mm
Weight: 4.18gram.

This is a piece of 20 sen M3S planchet. It becomes a difficult collectible item because with the state of art coining process, it is almost impossible to have coin planchets "run away" from the mint.


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