Malaysia Parliament House Series 1982 Cent With Off Metal Strike Error.
Rarity: RRRR
On 7th September 2014, I posted an article "MALAYSIA 1982 COPPER NICKEL CENT" on my Blog ( It was a Malaysia House Series 1982 Cent that was struck on a wrong metal planchet, hence the Off Metal Strike (OMS) error.
Today, I am going to post another piece of Malaysia House Series 1982 Cent that was struck on a wrong metal planchet, a nickel planchet. It is still a raw coin. It was belonged to a new junior numismatist from Brogar, Selangor, Miss Sinyee Leong.

Almost a month ago, Miss Sinyee Leong visited my shop at Dickson Niew Collection at Subang Jaya with the intention to invite me to authenticate her coin which she claimed she found it in her grandmother's room. After I checked its weight, it measured at 1.75gm, it is 0.01gm  heavier than a normal copper clad steel cent which carried a weight of 1.74gm.
I was hesitating to do a small scratch on the edge of the coin to find put whether it was a plated coin. I returned the coin to her. I suggested to her to send her coin for scientific method laboratory test to confirm its composition.
Weeks later, she WhatsApp to me some photos of the mentioned nickel cent. She told me she already
asked her friend to file a groove on its edge and found out that the cut was still the same colour. She asked for my opinion. I was puzzled on her action. I requested the cent to be delivered to me to see how much damaged was done.
She came to me on one Saturday. I was pleased to see her coin was still in good condition on the obverse and its reverse except  a small groove was cut on its edge. She requested her cent to be encapsulated by NGC.
The Wrong Planchet Error or Off Metal Strike (OMS) coin is one of the scarcer error.These are one of the simplest error coins to explain. Basically they are coins struck on planchets other than the type they were intended to be struck on. This would usually happen because the supply of coin blanks has been contaminated with coin blanks of another denomination.

The above coin is a much rarer type of wrong planchet error. In this case the coin has been struck on a same size and almost same weight planchet of a coin of an entirely different metal!

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