Malaysia coin with Post Mint Job Errors,Manually Defaced.

I bought this piece of Malaysia Parliament 1990 50 Cents error coin with an intention of showing you how we Malaysian "Boleh" to make such a beautiful Post Mint Job (PMJ) error coin.
I bought this coin from a eBay dealer last week.When I saw this error coin on eBay,it looked like a Counter Brockage Error coin or resembled a Double Strike Error coin.When I took a second look,it exhibits an rotated incused image of "Wau" kite on the obverse.
If you are familiar and understand the normal coin minting process in the Mint,it is impossible to have such kind of errors!
In order to view the actual coin,I decided to make the purchase.
We I received the coin,I was amazed by the fine workmanship displayed.
It was a post mint job error coin by manually defaced the obverse.
He used a hydraulic machine (I think) to press on  reverse side of a 50 cents by placing the obverse face to face on the obverse of this coin,a calculated pressure was applied so that  it will not tarnishes the details of the earlier struck.To soften the to-be-error coin for perfect result, heat may be applied.
Be very cautious when you purchase on eBay.
Warning:Defaced a coin still in circulation is an offence in Malaysia.

Malaysia.1990.50 Cents.Obverse.
With Post Mint Job Errors.
Malaysia.1990.50 Cents.Reverse.


These Errors are impossible in normal minting process.
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  1. Hi Dickson,
    Hope you can continue to post more of these assisted errors or faked coins to keep collectors alert of forgeries.
    Suppose collectors need to update their knowledge on forgeries too as counterfeiters are getting more and more sophisticated.
    Its really kind of you to take the trouble to get this coin from ebay in order to show it to us.
    Thank you so much, Dickson :)

  2. Actually this is only 1 of the few impossible error or post mint job perpetrated by some unscupulous persons or the ebayer himself. I would call this a 'post mint job' instead of an 'assisted error' which is reserved for those error perpetrated by MInt workers. That guy is still selling a few more if you care to notice.
    I wanted to refer you to this very piece actually in ebay then when I replied to your error dated may 23rd: which was the same as this piece here.
    A simple one can be done with a hammer cushioning the bottom part with cloth etc.

  3. Dear Whycollect,
    I personally contacted the seller (Uni-Student)and explained to him about this post mint job (as Nu called it) error coins.Hope he will not involves any more in future!

  4. Dear Nu,
    Thank you for your "post mint job" terminology.
    Hope you will allow me to use it on my future articles.Recently,when I went back to my Kampong,I did try to "produce" one of the kind,is not easy,but I believed that it can be made!May be like what you said,cushioning the bottom part with cloth etc.
    I think we shouldn't share too much of the ways to produce a 'post mint job' coin,those unscupulous persons will make a better piece in future!haha!
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Mr Dickson...
    pertama kali lihat cetakan yg sebegini. Kalau satu yg waunya terbalik sudah biasa lihat dan berada dalam simpanan saya juga dalam blog tapi bagi jenis error begini cukup menarik. Tahniah Mr Dicson dan terima kasih kerana dapat berkongsi info...

  6. I believe it is sold here and is currently available

  7. Dear duacongkak,

    Jangan membeli "post mint job" syiling ini kerana ia adalah barang buatan orang secara sengaja dan tidak ada nilai numismatic langsung!
    Harap berawas-awas!

  8. Dear Danny,
    Thank you for your good infos!
    Hope more error coins collectors are aware of them!

  9. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Syiling Ini memberi peringatan penting kepada kita semua tentang wujudnya orang yang mengambil kesempatan bila ramai yang mula meminati syiling error.Pengalaman Mr.Dickson dengan syiling ini akan menjadi iktibar pada kita semua...
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr.Dickson,satu perkongsian yang sangat berguna...TQVM

  10. info yang berguna...kalau mereka yang kurang ilmu berkaitan dengan syiling2 error nih mungkin akan membeli syiling ini tanpa usul periksa dan mungkin akan ditipu...terima kasih mr.Diskson kerana memberi peringatan yang berguna kepada kolektor-kolektor lain...

  11. Dear depankanta dan Koleksi Aku Punyer!!!
    Jika kamu ikut runjukan Mr.Danny dalam eBay Malaysia ,masih ada dua keping syiling 50 sen yg errornya rupa sama dengan ini dan dijual dgn harga yg jauh lebih tinggi ia itu RM300.00!