Malaysia Bank Negara Introduce New Coins From Next Year!
The old and new coins

Bank Negara will be introducing a new series of coins from early next year, replacing the current series which is 22 years old.
Meanwhile, the new series will be sold as commemorative coins from Tuesday, said Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz on Monday.
She also said new series of notes would be issued in Septemeber but declined to elaborate on this.
She said the new coins will go into general circulation only next year to enable coin machine operators, for instance, to recalibrate their machines accordingly.
The new coins - 50sen, 20sen, 10sen and 5sen - are smaller and lighter than the current coins, with more security features.
The coins also have features that make it easier for the visually-impaired to use.
She said the coins were designed by a Malaysian and wholly minted by Bank Negara's mint in Malaysia.



  1. Beautiful packaging commemorative coin.
    Wish can buy it starting tomorrow.

  2. Dear MGMSabri,
    500,000 sets waitting for you!No worry,sure you can buy as many as you wish.
    May be after your graduation,stocks still available! Haha!

  3. Dear Pierre,
    Yes! You are right!It costs you RM10.00 per set.
    To me,the price is on the high side,BNM should price it RM5.00 per set.Face value of the coins are 85 cents only.And BNM should considers it as a public service and interest items.
    Each person is allow to buy 5 sets in KL.In KK Sabah,BNM Branch,you are entitled to 3 sets only.
    500,000 sets for sale!

  4. Whatever the mintage, suppose still need at least a set of these coins in our collection.
    Mintage of half a million sets seems rather high but then at least everyone probably have a chance to own them unlike the current commemorative silver and gold coins :)

  5. Dear Whycollect,
    To encourage young people to pick up this good hobby,the "King of hobbies and hobby of Kings",I still think that BNM's launching price RM10.00 per set is too high,as a public service body,it shouldn't be profit oriented!
    I had a quick checked with a printer,the holder probably will cost RM2.00,so plus the face value of 85 cents,sold at RM 5.00 will be best to new collectors!

  6. the price is quite high....just came back from bnm ...lot ppl r queuing to buy it...n limited 3 sets per person...i bought 2 set for my self...some how i dont really like sizes....n d designs r bit cramped on a small coins...

  7. Dear Pierre,
    Yesterday,26-07-2011,each person can buy 5 sets,today allowed only 3 sets.
    Due to cost of production,everything going "Compact"!Haha!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Yes Mr.Dickson...compact design...but they have lit bit complicated and fine design....there are lot room for mint error in future i guess...

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  11. very amazing coins, nice graphical visions