Malaysia Tumbled Coin.

Malaysia.1973.10 cents.
Tunbled Coin.Obverse.
(Tony Au Collection)

Malaysia.1973.10 cents.
Tunbled Coin.Reverse.
(Tony Au Collection)

Looked like it is a coin that has been in a commercial clothes dryer. They get caught in the fins on the inside of the drum. The tumbling action over time causes this to happen.

This Malaysia Parliament 10 cents coin was caught in the fins and was trapped in the drum of the commercial clothes dryer for a very long period.It is a very good  example and specimen of a tumbled coin that showed an extreme tumbling action over a long time can caused this to happen.

Also it is a typical and good example of a Post Mint Damaged (PMD) coin.
The edge of the coin is a unique "damaged".


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Saw one of these coins being sold in a dealer's shop for RM85.
    The coin in question has almost the same blurry image as the specimen here.
    Hope you can continue putting up such PMD specimens for our references.
    Thanking you in advance, Dickson :)

  2. Hi Whycollect,
    Before I understand the root cause of this "error" coin.I almost pay RM 80.00 for a piece of similar PMD coin.
    Now,my RSP:RM20.00.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Luckily we saw your post here.
    In fact, we were still thinking about the coin that we have mentioned earlier.
    It was only because of its stiff price for an unknown error and rather doubtful too that made us postponed our acquisition.
    Hehe, now maybe we are willing to have it for 5 bucks as a reference specimen.
    Thanks a lot Dickson :)