Is Malaysia 1976 One Cent Transitional Errors a bronze or a copper planchet?

Today,again I was asked by collectors,is 1976 one cent Malaysia Transitional Errors is minted on a bronze or a copper planchet?

Malaysia.1976.One Cent Copper Coin.
Transitional Errors.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Malaysia.1976.One Cent Copper Coin.
Transitional Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
This Malaysia Transitional Errors 1976 One Cent rare coin became hot topic recently because one piece of UNC in condition was put in Marvin International Auction,Singapore on 16 July 2011 with a reserve price of SGD250.00 and realised at a magnificent price of SGD1400.00 (excluding commission and GST charge).

On the same day,another transaction of MalaysiaTransitional Errors 1976 One Cent rare coin in UNC condition was done in Penang with a transacted price of RM3,000.00.

In our next and coming MNS Auction No.149 on 25 September 2011,Lot 59 is a piece of  Malaysia 1 cent 1976 Bronze in BU grade with a reserve price of RM1,000.00.

Mr Steven Tan, the editor of  STANDARD CATALOGUE OF MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE-BRUNEI COIN & PAPER MONEY,stated in his book that less than 100 pieces of this rare coins were known to exist,and is a bronze planchet.

Here were my research.

In 1973, when Bank Negara Malaysia found out the production cost of the 1973 one cent copper is higher than the face value (intrinsic value), they decided to replace the one cent copper blank with copper-clad steel blank. As a result, half of the 1973 one cent coins and all one cent coins in subsequent years are produced in copper-clad steel planchets.

In 1976, a staff of Bank Negara Malaysia found some 1976 one cent coins stuck in the coin counting machine.The coin counting machine was adjusted to detect only one cent coin in copper-clad steel planchet produced since 1973. Apparently, one cent coin in copper-clad steel blank is lighter (1.74 gm) than copper blank (1.94 gm) and attracted to magnet.The staff took out those stuck coins and reported to his superior.They found out this coins were minted on copper planchets instead of copper-clad steel planchets.
A post-mortem was conducted by Bank Negara Malaysia internally.They traced it to the mint factory.These were what they found :
When they cleared and cleaned  the floor of the minting area which is full of all sizes of planchets which dropped out from the coin press  machine during the minting process, they collected and separated those planchets by denominations  for future coin minting because each planchet was already accounted for. However, they missed to separate the copper planchets (used to mint one cent coin for year1973 and before)  from the copper-clad steel planchets (used to mint one cent coin for year1973 and after) for one cent coin. So when they mint the  1976 one cent coins, this mixed planchets were used. And these planchets included those copper planchets.
In the records of metal used to mint Malaysia one cent coin were copper planchets and copper-clad steel planchets only.No bronze planchet is recorded.

So,my conclusion is the Malaysia Transitional Errors 1976 One Cent rare coin was minted on a copper planchet.


  1. Hi,
    Do you mean to say that there is no 1 sen 1976 bronze? Instead it was mistakenly assume as bronze, when it is actually made of copper? Or there exist both copper and bronze planchet for that year?

  2. Hi Shaza!
    Yes. Confirmed no bronze,never we have use bronze planchet to mint our one cent coins.
    It is a Copper planchet.
    Thanks for visiting!