Malaysia Numismatic Society
                                            Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.149.
The 149th Auction by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) will be held on Sunday,25th SEPTEMBER.2011

No   QTY     Description

11.    1        Malaysia 2nd Series  Replacement RM10  Z/2  493601 Ismail Ali's signature 
                   Grade:  EF. Reserve Price:RM450.        Realised Price: RM480.
12.    1        Malaysia 2nd Series  Replacement RM10  Z/3  391316 Ismail Ali's signature,(pressed)
                   Grade:  AEF. Reserve Price:RM380.         Realised Price: RM440.
13.    2        Malaysia 4th Series  Replacement RM10  X/1 160264 & 296179 Aziz Taha's signature,(counting marks).
                   Grade:  AU/UNC. Reserve Price:RM600.        Realised Price: RM700.
14.    5        Malaysia 6th & 7th Series  Replacements RM10  QA 1022722,2754960,2850340  &  2954840 Jaffar Hussein's signature & QA 2920262 Ahmad Don's signature,
                  Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM750.
15.    2      Malaysia 6th Series  Replacements RM5  NZ 0285601/02 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                 (with cross on flag post)
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM360.       Realised Price: RM360.
16.    2      Malaysia 6th Series  Replacements RM5  NZ 0366421/22 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                 (without cross on flag post)
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM260.        Realised Price: RM320.
17.    4      Malaysia 7th Series  Replacements RM5  0103955/56 & 0241026/27 Ahmad Don's     signature,
                  Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM280.        Realised Price: RM280.
18.    2      Malaysia 6th Series RM5  NM 0917757/58 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                 (with cross on flag post)
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM90.

19.    2      Malaysia 6th Series RM5  NN 4417521/22 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                 (with cross on flag post)
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM90.                Realised Price: RM90.

20.    2      Malaysia 6th Series RM5  NR 4485460 (with cross on flag post) & 5562860  (without cross on flag post) Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM180.

21.    3      Malaysia 8th & 9th Series RM2  0000210 Ahmad Don's signature,RM50 BJ 0000210 & RM100 0000210 both wih Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature,
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM800.

22.    2      Malaysia 9th Series Replacements RM10  0207289/90  Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature,(light ink mark on one)
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM350.          Realised Price: RM350.

23.    1      Brunei $100 1967 Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin,Specimen A/1 000000 original punch holes,paper clip mark & two yellow spots.
                 Grade: AU. Reserve Price:RM2250.



24.    1      Brunei $100 1972 Sultan Hassannal Bolkiah,,Specimen A/1 000000 original punch holes & glue residue on reverse top left.                
                Grade: AU. Reserve Price:RM2250.

25.    1        Malaysia 2nd Series  RM10  B/85 546423 (first prefix no) Ismail Ali's signature 
                   Grade:  AU. Reserve Price:R300.         Realised Price: RM300.
To Be Continued...


  1. I personally love the Z/2..hehehe But what to do I am in Sabah, cant go there..

  2. Dear Danny,
    Nice to see you again!
    Try the "Now everyone can fly",you shall make it here!haha!
    Bobby Voon from KK-Sabah paid me a visit last Thursday!

  3. Oh I knew Bobby Voon too! I usually "lepak" at his open space shop during friday-sunday at Asia City, KK. Maybe someday I will manage to go there..fingers crossed.

  4. Hi,Danny,
    Mr.Bobby Voon is going back to KK on the 8-09-2011,if you visit and meet him on week-end flet market,please send my best regards and say hello to him.Thanks in advance!