Malaysia Numismatic Society
                                            Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.149.
The 149th Auction by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) will be held on Sunday,25th SEPTEMBER.2011

No   QTY     Description
76.    2        Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZV 7746541/42
                   Jaffar Hussein's Signature,
                   United States Banknotes.
                   Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM1000.

77.    1        Malaysia 5th Series RM500 ZV 2751066
                   Aziz Taha's Signature                          
                   Grade: GEF.    Reserve Price:RM1600.

78.    1       Malaysia 5th Series RM500 ZV 0638405
                  Aziz Taha's Signature
                  Grade: VF.    Reserve Price:RM700.

79.    1       Malaysia 6th Series RM500 ZV 7517463 
                  Jaffar Hussein's Signature
                  Grade: AVF.    Reserve Price:RM600.

80.    1       Malaysia 5th Series RM1 BP 7654321 Aziz Taha's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM500.            Realised Price: RM500.

81.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 H/45 111111 
                  Ismail Ali's Signature (tiny stain spot on reverse)
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM350.               Realised Price: RM350.
82.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 H/60 222222 
                  Ismail Ali's Signature (light foxing)
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM350.                   Realised Price: RM350.
83.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 H/45 333333 Ismail Ali's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM350.              Realised Price: RM350.

84.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 H/56 444444 
                  Ismail Ali's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM300.             Realised Price: RM300.

85.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 H/65 555555 
                  Ismail Ali's Signature (light foxing)
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM350.            Realised Price: RM350.
86.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 H/45 666666 
                  Ismail Ali's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM350.              Realised Price: RM350.

87.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 E/91 500000
                  Ismail Ali's Signature 
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM200.              Realised Price: RM200.
88.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 J/76 700000 
                  Ismail Ali's Signature 
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM200.                Realised Price: RM200.
89.    1       Malaysia 4th Series RM1 M/20 600000 
                  Aziz Taha's Signature 
                 Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM200.              Realised Price: RM200.
90.    1       Malaysia 4th Series RM50 B/82 444444 

                  Aziz Taha's Signature 
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM2500.
91.    2       Malaysia 6th RM1 Jaffar Hussein's Signature
                  & 12th Series RM50 Dr Zeti Aziz Signature,
                  2 pieces with same prefix and same numbers
                  CD 7777777
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM1000.

92.    1       Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADG 8888888 
                  Dr Zeti Aziz's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM350.               Realised Price: RM350.

93.    1       Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADD 1234567 
                  Dr Zeti Aziz's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM200.           Realised Price: RM200.

94.    1       Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ADG 7654321 
                  Dr Zeti Aziz's Signature
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM150.
                    Realised Price: RM220.

95.    2       Malaysia 6th Series RM500 ZV 8771972/73 
                  Jaffar Hussein's Signature
                  Grade: AU.    Reserve Price:RM2200.
96.    1       Malaysia 7th Series RM100 AN 5555555 
                  Ahmad Don's Signature, Harrison & Sons
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM2500.

97.    2       Malaysia 6th Series RM50 WY 9999999/10000000 
                  Jaffar Hussein's Signature , Thomas De La Rue
                  Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM2700.
98.    1       Malaysia 11th Series RM1.00  3 piece uncut in folder, 
                   Dr Zeti Aziz's Signature
                   Grade: UNC.    Reserve Price:RM100.

                       Realised Price: RM160.
 99.    1       Malaysia 8th Series RM50 XVI Commonwealth Games, 
                  Ahmad Don's Signature (polymer in folder)
                  Grade: UNC.   Reserve Price:RM100.          Realised Price: RM150.

100.   3      Malaysia 6th Series RM50 ZU 8249336/38 Jaffar Hussein's Signature, Thomas De La Rue
                  Grade: UNC.   Reserve Price:RM400.

To Be Continued...


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