Malaysia Altered Die 1993/92 Ringgit Malaysia.

For a few years, I have been hunting for a hearsaid Malaysia 1992 One Dollar counterfeit "gold' coin minted with "Ringgit" instead of  "$" sign.

Yesterday, a serious Malaysia counterfeit coins' collector came to my Dickson Niew Collection Corner and showed this coin to me.

It was minted with an altered die. I think this die was intended to mint one Ringgit  'gold' coin of year 1993.
In 1993, Bank Negara Malaysia decided to change the "$" sign to "Ringgit" to our currency, so the earlier mintage of Malaysia 1993 One Dollar coins were minted with "$" sign and the latter were minted with "Ringgit" sign.

An altered die is a real die that has been tampered with.If we take a closer look to the number '2' of the date 1992 of this coin ,it was a different in high compared to the original  coin of 1992.

Oricinal "2".

Taller "2".

Although it is a counterfeits,it is a rare ,valuable,sought-after coin in all grades. Even heavily circulated examples command extra premiums.




  1. Hi Dickson,
    First time seeing this altered die '92 coin.
    Yes, its gonna be tough to search for these coins nowadays because they are no more in circulation.
    Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    All this while,I have been searching through coin dealers,side walk traders,flea markets,ebays,friends,no luck yet!