Malaysia Bunga Raya Series With Major Die Break Break, "CUD" VS "BLOB".

A cud occurs when a section of the die face and corresponding shank breaks away and leaves a void in the die in its place. The die will then strike coins that will show a raised blob of unstruck metal that has been partially forced up into the void during the strike.

Malaysia 2006 10 Cents Major Die Break "CUD"Reverse.

Malaysia 2006 10 Cents Major Die Break "CUD"Obverse.
On the opposite side of the cud will often be an area of weakness representing the fact that not enough metal was present on the opposing side to raise up the design sufficiently when struck.

Cuds are often confused with die breaks or even die chips that are found within the interior of the coin design but have no connection to the shank or rim of the die or edge of the coin.

A die break no matter how large that does not involve the edge or rim of the die is NOT a cud. It is simply a die break, which may be defined as a small, medium or large die break.

Malaysia 2000 5 Cents Major Die Break "BLOB"Reverse.
Malaysia 2000 5 Cents Major Die Break "BLOB"Obverse.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Rarely seen a rim to rim crack with a blob in the middle.
    Yet to get hold of this variety.
    Congratulations and thanks a lot for the useful info, Dickson :)