Malaysia 3rd Series Coin Dated 2011 Now In Normal Corculation.

Bank Negara Malaysia launched the 3rd Series issues of coins with new designs on 25th July 2011- i.e. 5 Sen, 10 Sen, 20 Sen and 50 Sen bearing the year date 2011 in a commemorative folder. The issue price was RM10.00 per set with a total of 500,000 sets issued in a folder. The theme on these coins is ‘distinctly Malaysia’ and feature motifs like the Jasmine and hibiscus flowers as well as the weaving patterns of the indigenous people. These coins are struck by Bank Negara Malaysia Mint in Malaysia.

Bank Negara Malaysia announced that the new Malaysian coins 3rd series dated 2012 will be issued into circulation from 16 January 2012 onwards. Members of the public will be able to obtain these new coins through their normal business transactions. The new coins to be introduced into circulation in phases are legal tender and will co-circulate with the existing series. The existing series will be gradually phased out.

However, on my Blog recently, my Blog visitor asked me why they are receiving Malaysia 3rd Series (M3S) coins dated 2011 in normal circulation. 

April 14, 2012 8:35 AM
Nor Azam says:  saya pernah terjumpa (masih dlm simpanan saya) syiling 3rd series ni tahun 2011 (bukan dalam kad) circulated...counterfeit ker? mine 20 cent (2011)...and pernah tengok 10 sen dalam facebook ).
(" I found (still in my possession) 3rd series coin dated 2011 (not in folder) from normal circulation....counterfeits? mine 20 cents (2011)....and seen 10 cents in facebook)

Upon checking, they are rumours in the market claimed that someone in our Mint made a mistake by using an old die dated 2011 minted about 500,000 pieces of coins (denominations not known) on  planchets that intended for coins dated 2012, and these "restrike" coins were released to public.

I hope someone from the Mint or Bank Negara can clarify.


  1. I think we had to consider that someone might had taken out the 2011 version coins from the folder and used them. I had heard actually someo kid had actually used his dad's RM50 gold line to buy things.

  2. Hi Dickson,
    If it actually happened, then it would be interesting.
    Only thing is if both types could be differentiated.
    Interesting article.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Sangat menarik berita ni,jumlah 500,000 adalah terlalu banyak untuk dilakukan kesilapan.Jumlah ini rasanya sama banyak dgn jumlah keluaran syiling kenang-kenangan siri baru 2011.

    Kalau hanya 2 keping yg baru kelihatan dalam edaran kemungkin ianya adalah syiling2 dari dalam folder yg dibuka!..

    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson..

  4. Hi shahrul,
    No surprise to me if kid took out from the folder and use it.
    Luckily not the 1971 Tunku gold with face value RM100 when the bullion value is RM2500 and the numismatic value is RM3300.

  5. Hi whycollect,
    I am waiting for the right authority to confirm and then start our "treasure" hunting! Hehe!

  6. Hi depankanta blogspot,

    Kami masih tunggu kesahihan berita khabar angin ini,jika dapat disahkan oleh pihak berkenaan,maka depankanta kena rajin-rajin cari yang ada error punyalah!Haha!

  7. Hi Dickson,

    FYI, I received 20 cent coin 2011 from a coffee shop at Bukit Menjalara.
    I was long searching coin 2011 after hearing rumours saying it actually circulating in market.
    But I think I agree that this coin from 2011 was actually taken out from coin folder instead of normal circulation due to the fact of real difficult to find..
    Will continue to hunt the rest of denomination..


  8. Hi wanscorpion,

    No surprise knowing you did received a piece of 20 cent coin 2011 from a coffee shop at Bukit Menjalara.

    I was told there are some balance pieces intended for the coin card are still lying somewhere.

  9. Hi Dickson,

    Glad to know there are balance pieces lying somewhere cos it would make the 'hunting' more interesting.
    Guess the selling of coin card is not receiving overwhelm support and force BNM release those coin minted with 2011 into market.
    Thanks for your reply.