Issuance of Commemorative Coins in Conjunction with the Installation of His Majesty the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XIV 

Commemorative Coins

Tomorrow; 28-06-2012,Bank Negara Malaysia is going to issue three types of commemorative coins in conjunction with the Installation of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong XIV Almu'tasimu Billahi Muhibbuddin Tuanku Alhaj Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah ibni AlMarhum Sultan Badlishah.

Since yesternight until ten minutes ago, I received many emails from my bloggers, facebook visitors and calls from fellow collectors wanted to know my opinion on what time they should be at Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) tomorrow morning in order to get a full set of the new release commemorative coins. A few of them had made a decision to reach BNM by six o'clock in the morning. Some of my numismatist friends in Seremban had went to sleep as early as 9.00pm. They just want to make sure they get their coins as early as possible.

They do not want to repeat the incident of 'Pandu Puteri' Commemorative coin when all stocks were sold out by noon on the same day.

I just pity to some collectors who told me that they might not be able to buy the silver or gold sets because they had spend their shoe-string budget last month to buy the 'Pandu Puteri' Commemorative coins.The release of  "Agong" commemorative coins are "too close" for comfort!

The commemorative coins are legal tender and the specifications are as follows: 
Gold Commemorative Coin (proof):
This proof coin is made of gold with 999.9 purity and weighs 7.96 grams. It has a face value of RM100 and will be sold at RM1,800 a piece. The mintage quantity is limited to 500 pieces.

Silver Commemorative Coin (proof):
This proof coin is made of Sterling silver with 92.5 purity and weighs 21.00 grams. It has a face value of RM10 and will be sold at RM150 a piece. The mintage quantity is limited to 600 pieces.

Nordic Gold Brilliant Uncirculated (B.U) Commemorative Coin:
The Nordic Gold (B.U) coin has a face value of RM1 and will be sold at RM10 each. The mintage quantity is 15,000 pieces.

These commemorative coins are also available in a set of three and a set of two. The Set of Three consists of the gold, silver and Nordic gold proof coins. It will be sold at RM2,000 per set with only 500 sets available. The Set of Two consists of the silver and Nordic gold proof coins. This set will be sold at RM200 per set with only 500 sets available.

Detailed specifications and the design description of the commemorative coins is as follows:

The portrait of His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Almu'tasimu Billahi Muhibbuddin Tuanku Alhaj Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Ibni AlMarhum Sultan Badlishah who was installed as the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong is featured in the centre of the coin. His Majesty's full name is inscribed along the circumference of the coin.

The centre of the coin depicts the image of the new Istana Negara and the royal insignia. The words "Pertabalan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XIV" appears on the upper circumference of the coin, whilst the name "Bank Negara Malaysia" as the issuing authority of the commemorative coin and the face value are featured on the lower circumference of the coin.

Sales Outlets These commemorative coins are minted and distributed by Bank Negara Malaysia and will be available for sale from tomorrow,28 June 2012 at its headquarters (BNMLINK), Bank Negara Malaysia's Museum & Art Gallery (MAG), regional offices in Pinang and Johor Bahru and branches located in Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Bank Negara Malaysia.

Source: BNM.


  1. I think the best time to go there is 6-7am, i think should able to get since the quantity issue is consider a lot and with gold coin issue as well.
    for pandu putri, no gold coin issue so all people go for silver and hence stock finish very fast.
    In PG, people start to queue overnight from 10pm onwards if have any coin issue due to quntity distribute to PG is less compare to KL.

  2. really feel like crying after getting the coin. 3 hour is like 3 year over there

  3. Hi Green Tea ,
    Thank you for visiting my Blog.
    Today in BNM KL, the 3 in 1 sold out at 10.00am,2 in 1 was out of stock at 10.30am and by 11.15 am the single silver finished.
    We still consider we are more lucky than PG !Collectors gather around 5.30am.

  4. Hi Ghost Lim Hooi Yew,
    After 3 hours of waiting,I just got for myself 5 sets of nordic gold!

  5. i just couldn't understand why the low mintage. 600 pieces of silver proof is just too low, which is why i'm staying away from it.


  6. Hi Dickson,

    I always visiting your blog but just not giving any comment, so you not relize it.. hahaha...

    Btw, this time i do not queue at BNM PG as i am busy that day. normally i will queue very early. today news from kwongwah mention people in PG queue at 6pm wednesday. wow.. look like the trend same as buying house at PG for limitted quantity.

    however, the gold issue is a lot if compare to last time 100-200 units only. This time got 500 units for grab. Gold coin expensive a bit compare last time gold proof. last time gold proof just rm1200-1400, now rm 1800.

  7. Hi Sam,
    Scarcity is always the key word in numismatics,you shouldn't stayed away,instead you should stay put to enjoy good returns.

  8. Hi Green Tea ,
    Glad to see your comments,you can talk anything in the comments as long it is a constructive comments.
    You may talk about green tea,red tea,pur-eh,Liu-pau.....
    Happy week end!Bro.

  9. Hi,is it Nordic gold coin in BNM KL also finished?any idea where can I get the 3 in 1 set?

  10. Hi Suriya,
    Nordic gold $1.00 sold out at BNM since last Thursday.
    In Amcorp Mall Flet Market today,dealers are buying in at RM20 and sold for RM25 to RM28.
    As for 3 in 1 now sold for RM2600 per set.If you are keen, I can help you to seek for seller!

  11. Good Afternoon Mr Dickson,
    Last Thurs.was a moment to savour.Had came up fr Mka to queue for d new AGONG commemorative coins.Fr BNM train station was walking towards d building when a police officer advised to try at another block further up passing the TUN HUSSEIN MEMORIAL.
    A long of people were already there. Aft 3hrs queue managed to buy d 3 in 1 set n 5 pcs rm1 nordic gold.
    1.think more than 70% present are not collectors but rather runners. A'chief'was seen handing out RM notes to them
    2.some who had purchased at d main BNM bldg came in for a 2nd try.
    3.perhaps a counter for senior citizens be open.
    Have a pleasant day.

  12. Hi QPS,
    I was at BNM too! Reached by 8.45am,already more three hundreds queuing up.I also queued for 3 solid hours and managed to get 5 pcs rm1 nordic gold,the rest were out of stock.
    I saw those runners and chiefs too.
    Markat price now:3 in 1 sold for RM2600. 2 in 1 RM550 and single gold RM2100,single silver RM300.
    Looking forward to ypur visit.
    Happy Niewmismatics!!

  13. Good Morning Mr Dickson,
    Yes i will definitely drop by your store one day.Will call u beforehand.Based on your blog postings n other sites, i've collected quite a lot error coins. Tho many are minor errors, i am more interested in knowing their proper terms or categories.Nothing like hearing it direct from an experienced numismatist!
    Thank you. Have a nice day.

  14. Hi QPS,
    Most welcome Bro.Just do it,lunch on me!