Umesh Selvamoney Visited Dickson Niew Collection Corner On 11-06-2012

Umesh Selvamoney.

At 9.44am today,I received a sms from my regular Blog visitor Mr.Umesh Selvamoney, who wanted to know the address and business hours of my Dickson Niew Collection Corner. He is currently working in Malacca and try to visit me today before 8.00pm.
At 4.35pm, I received an other sms from him to double confirmed his trip with a secret mission; he wanted to show me a piece of  Malaysian coin for authentication, a very rare 1976 One Cent coin struck on Copper Planchet,or the Malaysia Transitional Error Coin.

He arrived with his friend at 6.10pm. I was waiting anxiously for him to show his rare cent.

An other rare 1976 One Cent coin struck on Copper Planchet in uncirculated condition was found.
A very nicely toned one cent coin with natural lustre. I double confirmed its metal composition by placing a strong magnet on it, it is a copper planchet.

He found his this very rare coin  in Seremban yesterday, he can't wait for more than a day to find me to confirm the authenticity of his rare collection.

I am excited and happy to know that an other rare 1976 One Cent coin struck on Copper Planchet,or the Malaysia Transitional Error Coin survived in UNC condition.

Umesh, thank you for sharing you rare coin.


  1. fuhh...UNC tu, mmg RRRRRRRR...congrat bro umesh!!

  2. Thank allot Sifu Dickson Niew. Really appreciate the time taken by you to explain all the history of JIM'S as well as a peek at the Rare Album.
    All thought it was a tiring trip, but its a priceless experience which money cant buy.
    Looking forward for my next trip to Dickson Niew Collection Corner very soon.

  3. Tahniah Umesh....
    -otai mambau-

  4. Hi Mohd Najib,
    Terima kasih kerana melayari Blog saya.
    Berteka dan berazam dapat satu untuk kamu sendiri!
    Happy Niewmismatic.

  5. Hi Umesh,
    Thank you for sharing,looking forward to your next trip before you "Bon Vayage"!

  6. Hi Anonymous (Otai Mambau),
    Selamat mengunjungi Blog saya.
    Saya pun sama negori! Oeng PD!

  7. Hello sifu Dickson.
    I am already planing for the next trip very soon. See you soon Sir. Thank you once again.

  8. Otai Mambau has helped me in and out to obtain this valuable coin. Thanks alot Otai Mambau.

  9. Thanks alot Mohd Najib...

  10. hi sifu Dickson...
    I memang sentisa follow blog u...
    Blog yg sangat menarik bagi menambah ilmu
    mengenai dunia numismatik....
    Umesh- I tolong sikit je.. u pun dah banyak tolong i...
    nanti boleh la ajak la i sekali jumpa dgn sifu Dickson.

  11. Mmg teringin nak ada sekeping dlm koleksi peribadi tp tgu modal besar sket...:) tgh cari masa utk melawat kedai sifu kita ni...see u soon sifu...:)

    -Mohd Najib-

  12. Hi -Mohd Najib-,
    Harap kamu datang mengunjung saya dan boleh share-share informasi tentang numimatik.