Malaysia Unissued,Unrecorded Uniface Trial Pattern Coin Set.(1)

Pattern Coin

A set of ten (10) pieces unissued,unrecorded uniface trial pattern coins were designed and made intended for Malaysia general circulation prior to the Bank Negara Malaysia 1967 issue.

These are the denominations:

  1 Sen.Obverse.Probocis Monkey.
  1 Sen.Obverse.Cattle Egret Bird.
  5 Sen.Obverse.Elephant Ant-eater.
10 Sen.Obverse.Armadillo.
20 Sen.Obverse.Mouse deer with tall lallang background.
20 Sen.Obverse.Mouse deer with hill and lallang background (improve version).
20 Sen.Obverse.Mouse deer on the hill.
50 Sen.Obverse.Peacock.
10 Sen.Reverse.1967 Double-hibiscus Rosettes same as current issue.
10 Sen.Reverse.1967 Single-hibiscus Rosettes.

Probably not more then 4 sets of these patterns  are in existence.

One set was put on auction in Numismex 1989,International Coin & Paper Money Auction & Exposition, Singapore.on 31st August a reserved price of USD3500.00.It was bidded by Maybank Malaysia with a realized of US13,000.00

Two sets are likely to be with the Malaysia authorities or in the hands of selected dignitaries.

On 27th March 2011,when I attended a wedding dinner in Damansara,a gentlemen sitting next to me who is also a numismatist from Singapore, told me he had the a set of ten (10) pieces of Malaysia unissued,unrecorded uniface trial pattern coins which were  intended for Malaysia general circulation minted by Royal Mint London. He had encapsulated all the ten coins and had them graded in US by NGC grading house.

I am very happy and feel very grad when he promised to allow me to take photos of all ten pieces of  these rare coins if I visit him in Singapore, so that I can share and publish the real photos of these rare coins on my Blog.

I make it ! I make it during my recent trip to Singapore. In my next few posts,more photos will be posted.

Pattern Coin
Pattern Coin
Pattern Coin
Pattern Coin

To be Continued...................

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