Malaysia 50 Cents Coin Blank


This disc has not passed through the upsetting-mill process. The upset mill raises or upsets the edge of the planchet for the purpose of better striking and stacking of the coins. Discs without an upset edge are correctly called blanks.

They are generally assumed to be easy to fake, but recent investigations have found this to be much more difficult than first thought.

No  copper-plated zinc cent blanks are known yet. This is due to the fact that the copper plating is applied after the blank passes through the upset mill.

This 50 Cents blank was given to me by Mr.John Goh,the President of Sibu (Sarawak) Numismatic Society last week. It was a token of appreciation to me for helping him to authenticate and verify his collection of error coins.

I have been looking for a 50 Cents blank for very long time to complete a full set of Malayisa coins' blanks and planchets.

(Posted in Port Dickson)


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