Visit To Master Saran Singh With Dato' Sharuddin on 7-3-2014.
Today, is a very meaningful day to me because, again I was given a chance to visit Master Saran Singh, and to make my day even more great and grateful because I managed to arrange Dato' Sharuddin to meet him.
It has been in Dato' Sharuddin intention to meet Master Saran Singh for a long time.
We were well greeted by Master Saran Singh when we arrived to his home at 10.15am in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Immediately he showed me a few super rare coins which he acquired recently. (I will post them on my Blog ASAP).He was so happy to share his story how he got this rare items. Dato Sharuddin, his son and I were so amazed with his collections.
He told us that he is in the process of writing his autobiography.He will share his story of childhood days;childhood games he enjoyed; his family life;his career; how he started as numismatist; what make him to write numismatic books;what are the other books he wrote; great peoples that he met; his 8 years working life in Canada; and many many more..........
I already made an pre-order of 50 copies of his autobiography.I also managed to ask him to authograph his famous numismatic book, "The Encyclopaedia Of The Coins Of Malaysia Singapore And Brunei 1400-1967" for my friends, Mr.Wong Nyuk Sum,Derek Ho and Wilson Mak.

Dato' Sharuddin and I also showed some of our collections to him for authentications, he was very willingly to share with us his finding and told us his experience of having many very good and super rare numismatic collections in his early days. He also parted many of his good collections away when he needed some money for better use. One of his good set of coins on Straits Settlements, British North Borneo and Sarawak was now in the save keeping of Singapore National Museum.
Master Saran,I hope to meet you again in very near future and wishing you always in good health.


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