Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.160  29th June 2014. Museum Negara.Special Preview.Lot:91-120


I will be posting a series of auction items to be listed in our MNS Auction No.160 which to be held on 29th June 2014.
I am not a professional photographer, images posted are taken by using my normal camera to my lever best. These posts are done with my own initiative. Your comments are still most welcome to better my Blog. Happy Niewmismatic.
Lot   Qty        Description                                                Grade            Reserve Price (RM)
91      2          Malaysia 7th Series RM5 PW7488155/56
                      (1st prefix) Ahmad Don's signatures,
                      Thomas De La Rue                                      UNC                 60
Realised Price: RM85
92      2           Malaysia 10th Series RM5 AC8002205/06
                       Ali Abul Hassan's (centre) signatures         UNC                 30

93      4           Malaysia 10th Series Replacements RM5
                      ZA0242186/87 & RM10 ZA0248486/87 -
                      Error, minor shift of red serial nos of about
                      0.3cm to left and 1st three and last two nos
                      same and matching) all with Ali Abul Hassan's
                      (centre) signature                                         UNC                600
94      2           Malaysia 11th Series RM5 BJ7527871/72 (last prefix)
                      Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                              UNC                 40

95      8           Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM5
                      ZA0312484, 0446154, 0523854, 0641054,
                      0721421, 0835091, 0923354 & 1001354
                      all with Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures
                      (Complete nos set)                                        UNC            1,200
Realised Price: RM1300
96      9           Malaysia 11th Series (Polymer) RM5
                     CA1387589, 2343989, 3145199, 4100889,
                     5128989, 6650099, 7105389, 8646499 & 9929399
                     all with Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures (Complete nos set and
                     all ending with digits '89' or '99')                    UNC               150
Realised Price: RM170

97      2          Malaysia 2nd Series RM10 C/21 148604/05
                     Ismail Ali's signatures, Thomas De La Rue       AU               350
Realised Price: RM420
98      1          Malaysia 3rd Series RM10 E/68 501626
                     Ismail Ali's signature, Bradbury Wilkinson      GEF              100
Realised Price: RM100

99      2          Malaysia 5th Series RM10 PC8046534/35
                     Aziz Taha's signatures, Thomas De La Rue
                     (minor handling)                                               UNC              300
Realised Price: RM300
100    1          Malaysia 6th Series RM10 RY7777777
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                     Thomas De La Rue                                           UNC              800
Realised Price: RM1200

101    2          Malaysia 6th Series RM10 UZ8339047/48
                     Jaffar Hussein's signatures,
                     Thomas De La Rue                                            UNC               50
102    2          Malaysia 7th Series RM10 YP5889047/48
                     Ahmad Don's signatures,
                     Francois Charles Oberthur                                UNC                60
Realised Price: RM70

103    1          Malaysia 9th Series RM10 BB3780897 Error -
                     Obv. of note without signature, words
                     'BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA', Sepuluh Ringgit,
                     Wang Kertas Ini Sah Diperlakukan Dengan Nilai,
                     figure '10' at bottom centre and top right are all not
                     printed and portrait appears ' white'.
                     Ali Abul Hassan's (side) sign                              AU               900
104    2          Malaysia 8th Series RM10 AP9209690/91
                     Ahmad Don's signatures                                   UNC                 80

105    2          Malaysia 9th & 10th Series RM10 BF4813883
                     (last prefix) & BG0489513 (1st prefix)
                     Ali Abul Hassan's (side) & (centre) signatures  UNC              250
Realised Price: RM650
106    4          Malaysia 11th Series RM10 FD7553821/22
                      (1st prefix with new silver security thread) &
                      QP1523563/64 (last prefix)
                      Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                  UNC                 80
Realised Price: RM220

107    2          Malaysia 8th & 9th Series Replacements
                      RM10 ZA0185080 & 0199227
                      Ahmad Don's & Ali Abul Hassan's (side)
                      signatures (cross-over)                                     UNC             1,200
Realised Price: RM1600
108    1          Malaysia 10th Series RM10 BZ0700698 Error -
                      Gutter fold running across 70% of note
                      Ali Abul Hassan's (centre) signature                UNC                150

109    3          Malaysia 10th Series Replacements RM10
                      ZA0302305/08 Ali Abul Hassan's
                      (centre) signatures                                            UNC                450
110    8         Malaysia 5th & 6th Series RM20 TA, TB, TC,
                     TD, TE, TF, TG & TH Aziz Taha's &
                     Jaffar Hussein's signatures
                     (Complete prefix set)                             Average VF                400
Realised Price: RM400

111    2         Malaysia 6th Series RM20 TH1761718/19 (last prefix)
                     Jaffar Hussein's signatures                                UNC                800
Realised Price: RM900
112    4         Malaysia 6th Series Replacements RM1 BA5237658,
                     RM5 NZ0439836, RM10 QA0768052 &
                     RM20 UZ0031436 all with Jaffar Hussein's signatures,
                     Thomas De La Rue                                            UNC             3,000
Realised Price: RM3200

113    1         Malaysia 1st Series RM50 A/1 835141 (1st prefix no)
                     Ismail Ali's signature, Thomas De La Rue         GVF               900
Realised Price: RM1000
114    1         Malaysia 2nd Series Replacement RM50 Z/1 291586
                     Ismail Ali's signature, Thomas De La Rue (repaired -
                     small tear at top right border)                              AEF            1,500

115    1         Malaysia 6th Series RM50 YH5795802
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature, B A Banknote           UNC              200
116    1         Malaysia 6th Series Replacement RM50
                     WA2087618 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                     Thomas De La Rue                                              AEF               280
Realised Price: RM280

117    1         Malaysia 7th Series RM50 ZZ9460661
                     Ahmad Don's signature,
                     Francois Charles Oberthur                                      EF               180
118    2         Malaysia 7th Series RM50 BG4492489/90
                     Ahmad Don's signatures, Thomas De La Rue    UNC               400
Realised Price: RM400

119    1         Malaysia 1st Series RM100 A/1 240943 (1st prefix no)
                     Ismail Ali's signature, Thomas De La Rue          GVF            1,300
Realised Price: RM1300
120    1         Malaysia 4th Series RM50 A/26 993268
                     Aziz Taha's signature, Thomas De La Rue            VF               800
Realised Price: RM1800

To be continued.......


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