MNS AUCTION NO.162 KUANTAN (LOT:101 TO LOT 150) 21-12-2014

Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.162  21st December 2014.Kuantan Pahang.Special Preview.Lot:101-150.
I will be posting a series of auction items to be listed in our MNS Auction No.162 which to be held on 21st December 2014. Please note that this Auction will be held at:
Shahzan Inn Kuantan,
Lot Pt 240, Jalan Bukit Ubi/Jalan Masjid,
25000 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur.
I am not a professional photographer, those images posted are taken by using my normal camera to my lever best. These posts are done with my own initiative. Your comments are most welcome to better my Blog. Happy Niewmismatic.

Lot   Qty        Description                                                      Grade      Reserve Price (RM)
101     1           Malacca Private Tin Jokoh (SS19) obv.
                         Huang Sung Thung Pao, rev. blank                AVF             50
                         Realised RM50

102     1          Malacca Portuguese Tin Bastardo (Sim M20) 3rd Issue
                        obv. Coat of Arms of Portugal surrounded by legends,
                         rev. Armillary sphere Diameter: 30mm
                        Thickness: 4mm                                                   GF           200
103     1          Malacca Portuguese Tin Bastardo (Sim J3.03)
                       obv. Uncrowned Coat of Arms of Portugal, with 6 pointed star
                       above shield, rev. Armillary sphere                     AEF          120
                             Realised RM160

104     1          Malacca Portuguese Tin Bastardo (Sim J3.05)
                       obv. Uncrowned Coat of Arms of Portugal, rosette surrounded by dots
                       above shield, rev. Armillary sphere                      Fine           60
105     1          Malacca Portuguese Tin Bastardo (Sim S.01) obv. Crowned Coat
                       of Arms of Portugal, rev. 3 crossed arrows dividing the letters "S B"
                       (for San Sebastiao) Diameter: 33mm                      GF          150
                              Realised RM150

106     1          Malacca Portuguses Tin Bastardo (Sim S.03)
                       obv. Uncrowned Coat of Arms of Portugal, rev. 3 crossed arrows
                       dividing the letters "S B" (for San Sebastiao)       AVF           80
                           Realised RM130
107     1          Malacca Portuguses Tin Bastardo (Sim S.05) obv.
                       Uncrowned Coat of Arms of Portugal, rev. 3 crossed arrows
                       dividing the letters "S B" (for San Sebastiao)        AVF          80
                                 Realised RM80

108     1          Kelantan Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS14) obv. Adim Mulkahu
                       Belanjaan Kerajaan Kelantan, rev. Sunia fi Jumadal Awal
                       Sanat 1314 (1896)                                                      EF          70
                                  Realised RM80
109     1          Kelantan Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS24) obv. Belanjaan Kerajaan Kelantan,
                       rev. Duriba fi Dhul Hijja Sanat 1321 (1904)              EF         30
                               Realised RM60

110     1          Patani - Kelantan Tin Pitis (SS70) obv. Al Sultan Al Azam
                      Wa Khalifat Al Karam, rev. Al Malik Al Balad Al Patani
                      Al Imami 1284 (1868)                                                 VF        180
                                  Realised RM200
111     2         Rings Tin Money (double rings) 2 different varieties,
                      broken off fromTin Cockerel Animal Money of Sultan
                      Muhammad Jiwa period (1710 - 1773)                     AVF         50

112     2         Rings Tin Money (single ring) 2 different varieties     VF         50
                       Realised RM60
113     1         Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (SS28A) obv. Sultan Ratu Pangeran Taha,
                       rev. blank, round in shape                                            EF          20
                                    Realised RM50

114     1          Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (SS32)  obv. A central dot,
                       rev. blank, hexagonal (6 sided) in shape                      VF          20
                                 Realised RM20
115     1          Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (SS35) obv. A central dot,
                       rev. blank, octagonal (8 sided) in shape                     GVF         20
                                 Realised RM20

116     1          Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (Unlisted) obv. A plain bar,
                       rev. blank, round in shape                                             VF          30
                                  Realised RM30
117     1          Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (Unlisted)
                       obv. Indecipherable inscriptions on a plain bar,
                        rev. Fragments of letters, round in shape                   GVF         30
                              Realised RM60

118     1          Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (Unlisted)
                        obv. Al Adil (off-centre), rev. Al Adil (off -centre),
                        octagonal (8 sided) in shape                                       AVF         30
                                   Realised RM50
119    1          Johor Sultanate Tin Katun (Unlisted)
                      obv. Indecipherable inscriptions on a plain bar,
                       rev. Fragments of letters, octagonal (8 sided) in shape GVF       30
                                     Realised RM60

120     1         Johor Private Tin Jokoh (Unlisted)
                      obv. 4 Fish, rev. blank                                                    VF         100
                                       Realised RM160
121     1         Kedah Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS13A) obv. Belanja Negeri Kedah,
                       rev. Darul AmanSanat 1180 (1768)                               GF         100
                                    Realised RM120

122     1         Kedah Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS14) obv. Tahun Alif 1224 (1809),
                      rev. Balad Kedah Darul Aman                                     AVF         300
                            Realised RM300
123     1         Kedah Sultanate Tin Pitis (Unlisted) obv. An eight-petalled flower,
                      rev. Belanja Kedah Darul Aman (the coin is off-centre) AVF      200
                                Realised RM280

124     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS12)
                      obv. Duriba fi Trekanu Sanat 1265 (1849) the inscription is incused,
                       rev. blank                                                                         GF          50
                                   Realised RM50
125     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS26)
                       obv. Malik Al Adil, rev. blank                                     AVF           40
                                   Realised RM40

126     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS28) Small size variety
                      obv. Malik Al Adil, rev. blank Diameter: 23mm             GF          50
127     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS28) Large size variety
                      obv. Malik Al Adil, rev. blank Diameter: 27mm             VF         150
                               Realised RM200

128     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS29) obv. Malik Al Adil,
                       within a toothed border, 5 stars, rev. blank                   Fine           50
                                    Realised RM120
129     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis (SS30) obv. Malik Al Adil,
                       within a circle with an outer border of leaves,
                       rev. blank Diameter: 30 mm (VF coin but cracked and
                       with small centre hole)                                                    VF          100
                                 Realised RM200

130     1         Terengganu Chinese Tin Jokoh (SS58)
                      obv. Thick plain line circle at centre and thin line circle at rim.
                      Uninscribed, rev. Similar to the obverse                       AEF           150
                          Realised RM150

131    13        Malaysia $1 Commemorative coins
                     1969 - 1985 (complete set)                                    EF - UNC           180
                          Realised RM200

132     2        Malaysia 9th Series RM100 AG2302999 - 3000
                      Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature                                UNC          400
                               Realised RM400
133     5        Malaysia 9th Series RM2 DF7956468, DG4753639,
                     DH1807921, DJ0099782 & Replacement ZD0203870 (GF)
                      all with Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature           GF - GVF           90

134     1        Malaysia 6th Series RM50 YC3972111 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                     B A Banknote (2 pin holes at bottom right corner) AU - UNC        160
135     1        Malaya 50 Cents A/39 781519 (variety 'd')                       EF          300

136     1        Straits Settlements 10 Cents 1919 A/3 29521 Acting Treasurer
                     (one stain spot at bottom left border)                               AU        1,600
137     1        Malaya 10 Cents 1940 L132319                                       VF          160
                      Realised RM160

138     1        Malaya 25 Cents 1940 D475444                                       VF          700
                               Realised RM700
139     1        Malaya $10 1941 G/92 061767                                         VF          280

140     1        Malaya & British Borneo $5 1953 A/14 816041           GVF          250
141     1        Malaya & British Borneo $10 1953 A/71 183253            VF          280

142     1        Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya $100
                     Rubber Tappers                                                                AU            70
                           Realised RM70
143    10       Malaysia 12th Series RM50 AA, AB, AC, AD & AE -
                     running pairs set and with 50th Anniv logo,
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC           650
                               Realised RM700

144     2        Malaysia 9 & 10th Series RM2 DJ0088329 & 4233129
                     Ali Abul Hassan's (side) & (centre) signatures
                     (crossover pair)                                                              UNC            80
                                 Realised RM80
145     4        Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM5 ZA0043891 - 894
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC           200
                                          Realised RM240

146     2        Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM1 ZA0026869 - 870
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC             15
                           Realised RM15
147     2        Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM5 ZA0094093 - 094
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC             80
                          Realised RM100

148     2        Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM10 ZA0312493 - 494
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC             40
                                Realised RM40
149    2         Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM20 ZA0080086 - 087
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC             80
                         Realised RM80

150     2        Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM100 ZA0196352 - 353
                     Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures                                               UNC           280
                          Realised RM280

To Be Continued........


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