Johor Forgery Gold Kupang
The Johor counterfeit Gold Kupang caveat emptors are smarter now. From the early method of using the mould casting to make the Gold Kupangs, now they have advanced to use the press method.
These listed Johor counterfeit Gold Kupangs were put on sale recently on the Ebay, auction houses in Singapore and Malaysia. I think , there is an urgent need to have a relevant authority from our Malaysian government to tackle this problem. The Johor counterfeit Gold Kupang caveat emptors are using the press method and making the forgery Gold Kupangs to near perfect condition.
Forgery "Sultan Ala'uddin"Johor Gold Kupang.(SS2)W:0.60gm. D:11-12mm.  
To new Malay States Sultanate coins collectors, this is a tough challenge. Given them (the Johor counterfeit Gold Kupangs) another 15 to 20 years  to age, the toned surface will be very difficult for the newbies to differentiate the forgery pieces.
Forgery "Sultan Mahmud Shah"Johor Gold Kupang.(SS16) W:0.63gm. D:12mm
Now, beside the gold color toned, the font of the Arabic inscriptions on the Johor counterfeit Gold Kupangs are also near perfect.
Forgery "Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"Johor Gold Kupang.(SS14)W:0.66gm. D:12-13mm
I had consulted a few Malay States Sultanate coins experts, they were shocked to see these near perfect Johor counterfeit Gold Kupangs and they were extremely worried about the future of the numismatists to collect the  Malay Sultanate gold coins as a hobby.
Plain Edge

These are the Johor Gold Kupangs. I have seen some Johor Mas Gold coins  were listed on the Ebay.
I am worry and I am very sure, more Malay Sultanate States gold Kupang and Mas coins from other states will be surfaced in due time. Please do something !

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