The Shanghai Bund Dark Night!!(25-1-2015)
Like most great cities, Shanghai has a thriving waterfront complete with bridges, beaches, and boardwalks. Flowing through the heart of the city is the Huangpu River, which has always attracted world travelers for business and recreation.

A stampede killed at least 36 people during 2015 New Year's Eve celebrations in Shanghai, large crowds started to stampede on Chen Yi Square, in the riverside area known as the Bund, just before midnight. State media said many of the dead and injured were students, 28 of the dead were women, one of them is our Malaysian student from Sarawak.

Authorities had shown some concern about crowd control. They recently cancelled an annual 3D laser show on the Bund, which last year attracted as many as 300,000 people. President Xi Jinping has asked the Shanghai government to get to the bottom of the incident, and ordered governments across the country to ensure a similar disaster could not happen again.
On 25-1-2015 evening, after having a very memorable dinner with Mr.Ji Ang and Mr. Wong Hon Sum at the same restaurant that the former President of US Mr.Bill Clinton had his dinner, we made our way to the Bund of the Shanghai Huangpu riverside, let's see what attractions await me along Shanghai's waterfront.
To my disappointment, due to the stampede killed at least 36 people during 2015 New Year's Eve celebrations, the whole riverside was in the dark. Ji Ang told me this is the first time all landmark buildings at such an attractive tourist spot was in the dark. I told them " I am lucky"!!

These should be the actual views.......


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