Penang Company Plated Brass Tokens "Kong Hock Kongsi".
In my recent research, I talked to Mr. Tan Eng Guan of Tan Coins Trading in Penang Island, he confirmed to me that these " Kong Hock Kongsi" plated brass tokens were actually belonged to a company on Penang Island.

There is a very old and famous " Kong Hock " temple on the island. Mr. Tan did asked some people in the temple but that is only verbal story. " Kong Hock" and " Kongsi " both were the pronunciation of Hokkien dialect. Penang Island is famous with people speak Hokkien. I need more concrete information to confirm its origin.

These Plated Brass Tokens " Kong Hock Kongsi" were auctioned in the International Auction Houses, just to name a few:

( 1 ) Kong Hock Kongsi: Plated Brass Tokens (5). , 50-, 10-, 5-, 2- and 1-Cent, uniface with three-digit numbers stamped on the reverse, the 1-Cent with central hole. Plating eroded on first two, third plain brass, generally very fine and scarce. (5pcs). Estimate: US$300-400 Realised US$350.
(Baldwin's Hong Kong Coin Auction)

( 2) Circa 1900s: Perak Tin Mine Tokens, 1 Unit, 2, 5, 10, 50 Units, uniface, 1 unit, 2 units with initials "K F", obv., 5, 10, 50 units with "Kong Hock Kongsi" obv., rev. nos. 149, 615, 407, 71, 115 respectively, 1 unit with round central hole, generally very fine. (5) US$550-650 Realised: US$440
(Mavin International Auction)

( 3) Lot 1917 Session 7 (11.30am Thursday)
MALAYSIA, Perak, steel/brass token 50 cents. obv. Kong Hock Kongsi, (SS -). Very fine and very rare. Estimate $120 . (World Silver & Bronze Auction by Nobel Numismatic Pty Ltd. Sydney)   

( 4) Malaya, Company Token, Kong Hock Kongsi, 2; 5; 10; 50 cent. 5pcs. VF
马来亚, 公司代用币 / 广福公司: 1; 2; 5; 10; 50分. 5枚合拍. VF.
Estimate SGD180 – SGD300.
(Collectibles Auction Asia).



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