Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2007 20 Sen With Plain Edge Collar Die Strike Error Coin
The collar is the third die in the coining chamber; a device which surrounds the edge of the planchet as the coin is struck. The collar die keeps the coin metal from spreading larger than its intended diameter. The collar die also imparts the edge design, if any, onto the struck coin. The edge design includes such elements as the reeds, words, symbols or other edge devices. Even the flat, smooth finishes on the edges of coins like cents and nickels are considered to be "edge designs" imparted by the collar die.We all know about the hammer and anvil dies. But we sometimes overlook the collar die and its significance in the coin-striking process, especially as it relates to the production of error coins.
It occurs when the collar die is stuck in the recessed position, usually due to a build up of grease and debris. In this instance, when a planchet is fed into the coining chamber, it rests on top of the anvil die with no collar in place to retain the strike. Therefore, the planchet is struck between the anvil and hammer dies only.
This 2007 20 Cents Plain Edge Error coins are coins somehow escaped the edge reeding process. To authenticate the coin, I scrutinized the edge closely and found it to be unaltered. The weight and diameter were checked and found to be within tolerance.

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