The Bank Of Singapore Airlines 1985 $100,000 "Banknote".

On 28th October 2015, I posted an article "THE BANK OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES $50,000 (13TH MARCH 1985) "BANKNOTE". (Read more: and I seek more information about this Singapore Airlines' "Banknote". So far I thought to no avail, no use, ineffective, as in all my shouting was to no avail; no one could hear him. Wrong !!
On last Friday (6-10-2015), when I make my regular visit to Mr. Steven Tan, the editor of "Standard Catalog Of Malaysia- Singapore- Brunei Coin & Paper Money" at his International Stamp & Coin Sdn. Bhd. He past to me another piece of Singapore Airlines' "Banknote" with $100,000 denomination. 
He allowed me to share with you with the hope that in return, I can furnish him with more information on this "banknotes".
The size of this "banknote" is also measured at 126mm(Width) X 78mm (High). On the obverse, light yellow color back ground with maroon red color designs. On the four corners are also displayed the logos of Singapore Airlines. On top-center is the inscription of "THE BANK OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES" in capital letters. Under the line are the Chinese characters " Xin Jia Po Hang Kong Gong Si Yin Zhuang ". Further down are wordings printed in capital letters but smaller in size inscription: "THIS IS NOT A LEGAL TENDER BANKNOTE. IT'S PRINTED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE AT SIA'S NOATALGIC EXTRAVAGANZA ON MARCH 13 1985".
Right at the center of this "banknote" is "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS"  and numbers "100000" in bolded and large size. Followed by "FOR THE BANK OF SINGAPORE AIRLINES", then two Signatures of Finance Secretary.
The Chinese characters "Shi Wan Yuan" were in an oval shape design displayed in vertical position on the left side and a portrait of a gentleman on the right. Who is the gentlemen ? He is a different gentlemen with the gentlemen posted on the "50,000 " Singapore Airlines " banknote".
On the reverse, in maroon red color, on four corners also are the logos of Singapore Airlines. At the center is the Chinese characters  "Shi Wan Yuan" vertically displayed in an oval shape design  surrounded by floral ornaments.

This is the "50,000" Singapore Airlines " Banknote" that I posted on 28-10-2015 on my BlogSpot.
 Again, I seek your assistant to find out more information on this The Bank Of Singapore Airlines "banknotes". I do hope Mr. Anthony Tan of Monetarium Singapore & Mr. Jeffery Wei and the staff of Singapore Airlines can help. Thank you very much in advance. Happy Niewmismatics !!


Comments received from Mr. Lawrence Chew:
Lawrence Chew If memory serves me correctly, there was a Dinner & Dance that year and the theme for that night was Casino night , no real money exchange hands so I believe the SIA D&D orgraniser printed these money for gambling .... It was the year when SIA went IPO and at issue price of $4 per share , it dropped to $3.xx ( I could remember ) and J Pillay or Danabalan spoke at that evening to be patient and not long after the share shot up to $8 ... before black Oct '87 took a tumbling ... The SIA IPO made many employees multimillonaires.... I hope this helps...I could be wrong.....
Lawrence Chew The exact date when SIA went IPO might just be 1yr before the D&D... cannot remember ...
Dickson Niew Tqvm Sir for your good piece information. Happy Deepawali holiday.
Lawrence Chew Unlike Hongkong where currencies where public banks like HSBC , BOC Std Chartered are authorised by the HK govt to print banknotes ( of course the amount of M1 is closely and strictly determined by the HKG govt) no other govts in North Asia and ASEAN outsource the printing of banknotes to other banks ,with the exception of MAS for the millenium year where UOB invited to print - $1 note with a red logo on it ...
Adam Biagi Does anyone else find it a little bit odd that they used the design of a Hong Kong note for a Singapore Airlines promotion?
Dickson Niew Haha! Adam Biagi, You're right! Mr.Steven Tan told me that too when he passed me the note.
From James Soh:
Yes Lawrence mentioned is correct.
The year is IPO and SQ had a grand dinner
To celebrate the IPO and the success past few years post MSA separation


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