Collectibles Auction Asia No.8/2016.HIGHLIGHTS !(PART.3) 
Coins, Banknotes, Philatelic and Collectibles Items Auction 8th.October.2016

Date & Venue
Sat. 8 October 2016
Morning Session (Coins) – 9.00am
Afternoon Session (Banknotes) – 1.00pm
Landmark Room, Level 6, Landmark Village Hotel 390 Victoria Street Singapore 188061
Public Viewing
Fri. 7 October 2016 9.00am to 6.00pm
Landmark Room, Level 6, Landmark Village Hotel 390 Victoria Street Singapore 188061

Highlight !

Sungei Buloh Leprosarium paper notes, Selangor Settlements
Designed and Printer survey Department, Federated Malay States
In Straits Settlements era, leprosy was considered a highly contagious infectious disease. The authority has set up the Sungei Buloh Leprosy Hospital at the outskirts of Selangor in order to quarantine the patients. Money seen as infectious possible, a specially printed banknote was used in the hospital for patients to trade. Those banknotes bear the same value as Straits Settlement banknotes. The banknotes were recalled in 1938 by the authority. Few existed.
海峡殖民地建立时代, 麻疯病被认为是高度传染病, 不可接触。当局在雪兰莪郊外的双溪胡庐麻疯病院, 将病人与外界隔离, 钱币也被视为可传染的工具。因此1936, 院内发行只供病患者使用的货币, 任何时候与海峡殖民地货币等值使用, 但不得外流。直到1938年被谕令收回销毁, 故存世极少。
5 cents note, 120x63mm, 13th January 1936,
3pcs, No.010151 and consecutive pair, Nos. 010153 and 154. AU-UNC
5占券, 1936113, 全新未使用品

1 Dollar note, 120x88mm, 15th January 1936,  3 consecutive notes
Number 000555-557, AU-UNC
壹元券, 1936115, 全新未使用品

Consignments accepted throughout the year for:
Coins, Banknotes, Philatelic and Collectibles Items.
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