A Patani-Kelantan Silver Quarter Real Or Pitis/Tra Kedah ?
Rarity: Unique/Unlisted

On 8th of July, I posted "Kedah Unlisted Quarter Real Coin Of Mukarram Shah 1204 A.H."
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I got this "Patani-Kelantan Matahari Kupang ?" from the same source about two years ago.

It looks like a Gold Kupang but the color is dark in color, the weight is only measured at 0.36gm and with a diameter of 9.00mm.
On the obverse it exhibited a double struck " 6 Petals Flower / Matahari" and on the reverse in Arabic inscription " Malik Al Adil".
I took the opportunity to consult the President of Masdinar, Dr. Ibrahim Bakar during the Hari Raya Adil Fitri holidays. I asked him could it be a Quarter real also, because it has been keeping me searching for an answer.

Dr. Ibrahim replied, " This is clearly a double struck Patani Lotus. If in gold material, sure it is a Dinar Matahari Double Strike. On reverse, "Malik Al Adil" can be located."

I responded to him that it is not a gold. It looke like It is a Silver + Copper material.
 Dr. replied: " So,it is a Copper Pitis. Minted by using the same die and anvil as for Dinar Matahari. Very rare."
I put forward to Dr. an other question: "Something similar to SS65 in Saran Singh's book ?"

Dr. Ibrahim answered:"SS65 is actually a Copper Pitis/Tra from Kedah. It was wrongly attributed to Patani"


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