Malaysia Die-Struck Counterfeit One Dollar/Ringgit Coins.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Malaysia Die-Struck Counterfeit One Dollar/Ringgit coins

Malaysia One Dollar/Ringgit Copper-Nickel Coin was issued by Bank Negara Malaysia on 04-09-1898.  Diameter:24.0mm;Weight:5.70gm,Gold in colour and was minted by Kilang Wang Shah Alam,Selangor in Malaysia.

Concave Dics Errors.
In the year of 1993,the Dollar ($) sign for the denomination on the reverse of the coin was replaced with the Ringgit (the standard unit of money in Malaysia-RM,which is divided into 100 cents).

The last year that this coin was issued was in 1996.

However,these "Gold" coins RM1.00 were stopped for circulation by Bank Negara Malaysia and were no longer a legal tender in Malaysia from 7th December 2005.Why?

Counterfeit Planchet.
The market was flooded with millions pieces of Die-Struck Counterfeit One Dollar/Ringgit coins.A die-struck counterfeit coin is the most difficult of all counterfeits to detect because it's struck with two dies, just like a genuine coin minting press.There were in circulation and transacted freely even between the banks and financial institutes.Many more of these  Die-Struck Counterfeit One Dollar/Ringgit coins were found in the amusement centers,video game arcades and even in a very famous local casino.

Left:Straight Clip Errors.
Right:Curve Clip Errors.
Since this Malaysia One Dollar/Ringgit counterfeit "Gold" Coin was minted with Die-Struck minting press, it exhibits all Mint Errors like the original coins. i.e:
 Planchet Errors,Strikes Errors and Die Errors/Varieties.


Left:Die Crash Errors.
Right:Incomplete Clip Errors.
Die Crash Errors.


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