Thailand Hub & Die Trial Strucks.


Pic.(1).(Dickson Niew Collection)
Hub and Die Trials are often struck in metals other than those intended for regular-issue coinage.Softer metals such as copper,copper-nickel, pewter,brass,tin and lead have often been used in the creation of hub and die trials,and there are some pieces known that were struck in cardboard or wax.

Die Trials are not easily encountered,yet,neither can they be classified as extreme rarities.Valuation of such items is most difficult venture.
Pic.(2)(Dickson Niew Collection)
Traditionally,only pattern specialists pursued hub and die trials.Beginning in the late 1990s,however,there have been increased in demand for these pieces among error coin specialists who feel that these pieces would fit nicely into their collections due to their exotic appearance and the unusual circumstances under which they were produced.

Pic.(1) & Pic.(2) are the obverse and reverse of the Die Trials Struck of Thailand coins.i.e.
Left:-50 Satang-1/2 Bath.BE2489 (1946).Obverse is King Ananda Child Head.Regular Issue struck in tin.
Right:-50 Bath.1971.Thailand, "IN COMMEMORATION OF 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WORLD FELLOWSHIP BUDDHISTS ".(BE. 2493-2513), Silver Coin.Regular Issue struck in 0.900 Silver.


  1. Very exotic pieces of collectibles!

  2. wow, i don't have like these...
    extremely rare.
    where you got these pieces?

  3. Dear nuchatter & Mr.Sabri,
    Thanks for your comments.I found my first piece,i.e.50 Bath.1974 Die Trial Struck in one of the junck store in Ipoh.Owner,Mr.Yap sold it to me as a souveniour item.It leads me to do further research on this "coin".I found one catalog that recorded this Die Trial Strucks in more details is Standard Catalog Of World Coins by Chester L.Krause & Clifford Mishier.My second was belong to one old time collector in KL.He parted his piece to me simply because he knew I would appreciate it.Thanks to him.Cheers!

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, simply exotic.
    Expecting to see more of your collection, haha.
    Thanks alot for sharing, Dickson :)

  5. Dear Whycollect,
    Thanks.And I will post the rest of my collections in the future.