The Power Of Malaysia Duit Emas.

Duit Emas (Malay Gold Coinage)
Malaysia famous numismatist, Mr Tan Tai Seng,PNM (Pakar Numismatic Malaysia) once told me,in the older day,wealthy Malays in the northern region of Malaysia like to embed seven pieces of Duit Emas namely the Kijang gold coins ;Johore gold coins,Acheh gold coins etc, into the main beam (Alang-kayu yang dipasang melintang di antara dua dinding atau tiang)) of their new home.
A square hole would be chiselled to the depth and size for the seven gold coins,after the coins were embedded,a wooden cover will be used to seal the hole.
Sometimes,the coins are placed on the beam.For those Malay homes who are "kurang ada"(less rich),it will be replaced with silver coins.

They believed that by doing so,their house's foundation will be stronger and more stable.With the seven pieces embedded gold coins,it will also bring more wealth,attract more gold into the house.Some believed that the power of the gold coins with the blessing of  Sultan can bring good luck and even can protect them from the evil spirits.


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