Today, I met my friend,a coins and banknotes dealer in Amcorp Mall -flea market who losts his banknotes to a couple of sister recently.He told me among the banknotes pilfered by the sisters are:
-1 pc.Malaya & British Borneo 1-3-1959. Thomas De La Rue One Dollar with solid numbers 555555,
-1 pc.100.00 Ringgit Error Banknotes,Governor-Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Bin Hussein.With extra flip on top right.
-1 pc 1000.00 Ringgit.Error Banknotes,Governor-Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Bin Hussein.
-1 pc 500.00 Ringgit Banknotes,Governor-Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Bin Hussein.
-1 pc 1000.00 Ringgit Banknotes,Governor-Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Bin Hussein.
-1 pc 1000.00 Ringgit Banknotes,Governor-Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Bin Mohd Don.
-1 pc $5.00 Government Of The Straits Settlements-1/1/1935  and
-1 pc $10.00 Government Of The Straits Settlements-1/1/1935.
Apparently,this sisters,one in her 30's and the younger sister is in her early 20's,claimed they are the banknotes dealers, came from Kluang,Johore.
Their way or method of doing is,one will flips through your banknotes albums with some of their folders put underneath,and the other sister will keep talking to you to distract your attention.Pieces of good banknotes will be slipped into their folders without your knowledge.It seems that they are quite regular visitors in Amcorp Mall and even been to the MNS auctions.They are also an ebay dealer.
Please be aware,I appeal to those who happen to come across these suspicious banknotes,please notify and alert the rest!
In October last year,Mr Chai,an elderly coins and banknotes dealer in Seremban was robbed by two robbers in his home.The robbers impersonate as potential buyers snatched and robbed three albums of Mr Chai's banknotes collection.
There are replacement banknotes,Rm50,RM500,Rm1000 big bills as well.Worth many thousands.
A week later,I met him personally  in Amcorp Mall  while I was talking to Mr Tony Lye.He looked sad.He told me the robbers visited him about 3 weeks ago,pretended to be a dealer.When visited him the second time,they bought two pices of banknotes, when they visited him the third time a few days later, they wanted uncle Chai to show them more albums because they found some potential buyers who are interested on good items,without suspicion,Uncle Chai took out his collections.
They grabbed those albums and rushed out from his home and fled away in a car.
He can't assess his actual lost but value something like RM80k.
I really feel sad for our friends.I will inform my numismatic friends on  the Internet to be alert .Feed back to MNS if they find anything that can lead to recover their lost items,or at least get those culprits apprehended.


  1. Its a sad day for numismatists :(
    Caveat emptor!

  2. Dear whycollect,I truly believed in Karma.Thanks.

  3. ish...why still have like this people?
    Spoiled the mood of Numismatists.
    So sad. We enjoy the hobby like this to know the history behind and share the knowledge.

  4. What goes around, come around. Yes indeed. :)