Malaysia Parliament Series 1988 10 Cents With Blakesley Effect On Clipped Planchet.
Rarity: RRR/BU

The Blakesley effect is named for the American numismatist who first described it.
The Blakesley effect occurs on most genuine clipped planchet error coins and is characterised by  weakness in the rim opposite the clipped end of the coin.

Malaysia.1988.10 Cents.Curve Clip Errors.Obverse.
Malaysia.1988.10 Cents.Curve Clip Errors.Reverse.
The Blakesley Effect is a term used to describe inefficient metal flow, opposite a clip on a coin ( "opposite a clip on a coin" it means the effect will be more or less CW/CCW180 degrees around the rim) from the clipped area., when the rim is formed and the subsequent imperfect or incomplete rim formed at that position after striking.

Malaysia.1988.10 Cents. Blakesley Effect On Curve Clip Errors.Obverse.
To tell whether or not your coin exhibits the Blakesley effect, simply check the rim of the coin directly opposite the clip. If it appears the details are lacking in that area and the rim appears flat, then it is more than likely that you have a genuine clipped planchet error.

Malaysia.1988.10 Cents. Blakesley Effect On Curve Clip Errors.Reverse
Clipped planchets occur when a thin strip of coining metal is fed into a machine for blanks to be punched out. Sometimes the strip of metal will not be properly fed into the punch, which causes a blank to be punched out that overlaps the spot where an earlier blank was punched out.

1988 10 cents is the second rarest 10 cents in Malaysia Parliament Series with total mintage only 17,852.262 pieces minted,lowest mintage for 10 cents in Malaysia Parliament Series was in year 1971, only 32,236 pieces were minted.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Is there any non-minor clip error without the Blakesley Effect visible and also without the jagged edge?
    However other features like fading and tapering rim and metal flow are obvious.
    Thanking you in advance, Dickson.
    Nice clip error you have here :D

  2. Hi whycollect,
    There are! But most of the cases the Blakesley Effect are always visible!
    This is just one of a way to check the authenticity of a clip coin,and its always work well.

    1. What about coin 2006,i have one

  3. Thanks a lot for the useful info, Dickson :)