Malaysia Parliament House Series 1969 50 Cents Coin With Strike Through Errors.
Recently, we had been talking so much about Malaysia Parliament House series 1969 50 Cents with realised price of RM2800 for a piece of Security Edged (SE) variety in choice uncirculated  in MNS Auction 157 on 29th September 2013 and another piece graded by NGC in AU55 with Milled Edge (ME) was realised at RM10,230 in Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) on 19th October 2013 in Singapore.

This is a piece of Malaysia Parliament House 50 Cents coin with similar year but is with Strike Through Errors.
A Struck Through mint errors is sometimes called Filled Die mint errors because the coin and the die have a foreign object in between during the strike. Debris, (which can build up around machinery), made up of grease, oil, metal filings, etc., may work itself into and cover the dies. When this occurs it can fill certain areas of design and prevent those areas from being struck up on the coins the dies are striking.
In this case we can see that the reverse was the recipient of obvious Strike Through Errors, likely it was a struck through filings that were accumulated on the dies.The affect areas are from 11 o'clock to almost at 2 o'clock position.


  1. sifu ,

    what is the market price for this coin ?

  2. Hi wong,
    A collector from Seremban just paid RM1800 at Berjaya Times Square for a piece of the similar errors in UNC condition.

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  4. hi,Niew...where can i sell the 1969 50cent?

  5. Jenn Yong,
    Must see the condition of your coin first. A lot of people thought a piece of 1969 50 Cents already can ask for RM2800.Your coin has to be a brilliat uncirculated condition, if your 1969 50 cents is a used, circulated, cleaned coin, it worths RM15 to RM25 only. Please don't get too excited!

  6. Hi Niew..i have collected alot of security edge type 50sen coin,just wonder how can justified their value?and i do have a 5 ringgit Note with error printing,will that note have special vallue??and i also have an Old coin 1706 years united dollar,but i cant found that value too..thx ya

  7. Hi Niew~i have a RM5 Note with error printing,will that have a special value?

  8. Hi Marcus @ whyhow

    Please visit Dickson Niew Collection Corner at No.58, Jalan SS14/2, SS14.
    Subang Jaya. 47500 or call +60179796337

  9. Hi Niew, may i know what is the value for year 1955 - 50 cent coin with security edge? is it under rare coin?

  10. Hi james toh,
    1955 - 50 cent coin with security edge should be the Queen Elizabeth II 50 Cents. UNC condition is RM450, but if it was used or circulated is only worth RM25 in very fine condition.

    1. Hi Niew, Thank u for your reply!!
      one more problem was perturb me long time ago, can i know how to clean my old coins and won't spoil the coins, i had collected old coins year 1919, 1920, 1943,1955, 1967, 1968, 1969, etc...
      Or maybe you have provide any cleaning coin service..?
      sorry for disturbing.

  11. james toh,
    Only warm water with some lemon or lime juice,if the stains still cannot be removed, just let it be.The only way is to find a better condition coin to replace.Happy Niewmismatic!

  12. sir...i have coins year 1967,1968 and 1969...so how can i sold it? im work at usj 1

    - azy

  13. Hi Azy,
    Bring to my shop at No.58, Jalan SS14/2, SS14, Subang Jaya. Call me at +60179796337

  14. Hello Niew,
    May I know that this value of 50 cent coins is still available?
    By the way, what means uncirculated and how to state it as uncirculated ?
    I have quite a number of those coins you mentioned,
    Please reply me as soon as possible ,very urgent
    Thank you.

  15. Phebe,
    Your questions will be answered when buy a Malaysia Coins and banknotes Catalog. It only cost you RM38 or RM88. Sold in my shop.

  16. Hi Niew, i have those coins too. shoud i bring to u to value it?

  17. wong kheny,
    Most welcome to bring over for true authentication