Malaysia Rare Coin 1971 10 Cents Story.

Why this Malaysia  rare coin 1971 10 cents coin was minted only for 32,236 pieces?

First version of story was these 1971 10 cents coins were minted in London Mint.
During then,Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) was in the process of setting up our local mint factory in Batu Tiga,Shah Alam.
When the factory was ready to mint our very own Malaysia coinage in May 1971 ,they called up to put a stop to London Mint,however 32,236 pieces of 1971 10 cents coins were minted.So,we took it.Together was 500,000 pieces of Malaysia 1971 One Dollar Coin minted by London Mint.(MALAYSIA COIN STORY-MALAYSIA ONE RINGGIT YEAR 1971 MINTED IN UK.)

Second version of story was when our Shah Alam Royal Mint started its minting operation in 1971,Kuala Lumpur was hits by the biggest flood ever happened since 1926,(MALAYSIA COIN STORY:THE 1971 BIG FLOOD,COINS IN LOCK-UP.). Shah Alam Royal Mint in Batu Tiga was deep in water as well. Hence,the whole operation of minting was put on hold until 1973.

My third version of story,I did some research and I hearsay from a senior collector,the 1971 10 cents coins were minted only  for 32,236 pieces was because due the dies broke.
The first version of story,only 32,236 pieces were minted in London Mint is not convincing,London Mint can produce few hundred thousand of coins a day,unless they minted our Malaysia coin 1971 10 cents  for a few hours only!While the  500,000 pieces of Malaysia 1971 One Dollar Coin minted by London Mint can be true.
The second version of story was not true because the worst floods hit Kuala Lumpur in January 1971,resulted 32 people were killed and 180,000 people were affected,and our Malaysia Shah Alam Royal Mint in Batu Tiga only started its operation on 4th May 1971,(MALAYSIA COIN STORY:THE COIN MINTING PROCESS IN MALAYSIA.).
So, the third version of story can be true?Or gets closer to the truth?
Could the reason of due to dies broke a good answer?A new Mint when starts to operate can cause a lot of technical problems,quality problems,material problems... etc.
Could it be BNM realized that we had sufficient stock of 10 cents coins, a total mintage of 235,000,000 pieces were minted  for year 1967 and 1968.
In 1971,BNM minted 47.8 million pieces of 1 cent,16.6 million pieces of 5 cents,10 million pieces of 20 cents,8.4 million pieces of 50 cents and 2.4 million pieces of One Dollar coin,but why 10 cents were minted only 32,236 pieces ?
There are no Malaysia coin in any denomination being issued in year 1972.

May be someone out there can give us a right answer!


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Great piece of information.
    Always thought that it was due to the great flood until we read your article here.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Even though 30k+ pieces of this coin were struck, many have been preserved in UNC/BU condition.

    Comparatively, it is not easy to find a 1967 10sen coin in UNC/BU condition even though the quantity struck was very2 much higher.

  3. Dear whycollect,Happy Wesak Day!
    I am yet to complete the true story,research still continue!Hope someone from the Mint working during then can provides us the right info'.
    Thank you !

  4. Dear David,
    Huh!Always happened.Everybody are trying to keep the rare coins or the first issues but neglected the others.You can buy 5 pieces of 1971 10 Cents coin and get it almost straight away as long you are willing to pay for the price!After all,stock is not a problem,our Singapore dealer still got plenty of UNC/BU pieces.
    To get 1967 & 1968 UNC/BU pieces,even you are willing to pay better price,not necessary you will get the stock in time.
    Same thing happened to 1970 20 Cents coin, lesser mintage but you need to pay only RM30.00 to get a nice UNC piece,wait until you try to get an UNC/BU 1969 20 Cents coin,I offered up to RM80.00 for an UNC and RM120.00 for a BU piece,no seller!
    I also noticed that from year 1985 to 1999, almost no dealer are keeping stock for our Malaysia modern coins in any denominations!

  5. Hi malayastraitsbanknotes and Dickson,
    Yes, agree with your opinion.
    At times, mintage alone don't actually reflect the real supply situation.
    Cheers :)

  6. Hai Mr Dickson, nice info about the 1971 10 cent coin here. BTW, can you please advice on what may be the case with this coin Thanks

  7. Hi Dickson,
    About your statement that no known dealers are keeping stocks of the coins from 1985 to 1999.
    Guess, the best approach is to make it a habit to keep all shiny coins that one come across daily.
    Now, still lots of 2010 and 2011 coins available, haha.
    By the way, do you know roughly how many serious coins collectors are there in our country?
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  8. Hi Dickson.
    I like your own 3rd version. That is probably the real story that only BNM people who works in the mint during that day can confirm.

  9. Hi lunaticg,
    Thanks,yes,I do hope someone from the Mint can tell us the confirm version of what actually has happened!

  10. Dear whycollect,
    I did a survey,70% of Malaysian are Coins and Banknotes collectors,but not in a proper way.Most of them collected only some pieces of old coin and some old banknotes,not properly kept,if ask to sell to us,they refused.
    Serious numismatist,not many yet,we should promote and encourage them to be a serious numismatist,this is a very good hobby and money saving method.You are assured of a very good return if you collect the quality items.Just looked at our RM50.00 issued in 2007 (20,000 pcs) with folder,if you pay for RM60.00 (BNM Issued Price)in 2007,today ,dealers are offering RM600.00 to buy in!

  11. Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  12. OMG... i have a lots of 10c 1971 in my collection!! i just kept the old coins just for fun and don't realize its has value!!

  13. i have a lots of 10c 1971 coins.. i just collect it for fun.. can i sell it?

  14. Dear red,
    Yes, you can! Please let me know the condition of your coins! I can offer you the best price if possible!You may sms me at +6017 9796337 or email me at!

  15. Dear Dickson niew..

    is it true there are collectors whose willing to pay rm600.00 for a 2007 issued rm50 notes?

    Wan Karan

  16. Dear Wan Karan,
    Yes,RM50.00 issued in 2007 (20,000 pcs) with folder limited edition are sold for RM600 (with two zero-AA00XXXXX)to RM800 (with 3 zero-AA000XXXX).

  17. Dear Dickson niew.
    What is the value of 25 ringgit 1976 coin?


  18. Hi Ambrose,
    Thank you for visiting my Blog.
    The selling price for 25 Ringgit 1976 is RM90/UNC,RM120/BU and RN260/Proof.

  19. Hi Dickson niew,
    What is so special about DYMM SPB TUANKU ISMAIL NASIRUDDIN SHAH year 1959-1969 coin because there are selling it in the net for RM500-rm1000.

  20. Hi Old Collectable Coin Seller,
    DYMM SPB TUANKU ISMAIL NASIRUDDIN SHAH year 1959-1969 coin are selling in the net for RM500-rm1000,it should be a .925 silver Proof coin,mintage 1,000 pcs.

  21. Dear Dickson Niew, I need your help to clear my doubt. The price that you suggested for RM25 1976 above, why is BU more expensive compared to UNC? If I am not mistaken, UNC is uncirculated, and BU is barely circulated. So isn't UNC supposed to carry more value compared to BU?

    ps:- Actually I have encountered other instances as well where BU was more expensive compared to UNC. Please help.

  22. Hi @Kantha Rao,
    BU:Means= BRILLIANT Uncirculated.
    That is why BU must be more expensive then UNC.

  23. Owh ok thank you for your kind reply Mr Dickson. I am still a newbie, and I did some search on my own regarding the grading before this, but looks like I've got a misleading interpretation of BU as Barely uncirculated. Now my doubt has been cleared : BU is Brilliant Uncirculated.. Thank you..

  24. Thanks for thr BU and UNC clarification. I had the same idea before, now corrected.

  25. hi ! Dickson ,

    Good Day to you .

    I have a question about the 1971 10cents coin , this coin is rare due to the mintage is low around 32k pcs. So what is the estimate seen or found ?
    And how this coin compare with those Malaysia Series 3 coin set that just issue last year with mintage <600 set ? And understand that the series 3 set still can buy from BNM .....should be consider rare ?

    Thanks & Regards


  26. Hi Kelvin,
    We know for sure a dealer once had stock of more 3000 pieces of 1971 10 cents.

    Malaysia 3rd Series coin mintage is 500,000 sets,not <600,is not rare!

  27. hi ! Sifu ,

    Mean that the total issued is 32k pieces of 1971 10cents estimate found or identified is around 3k pieces....

    Thanks & Regards


  28. Dear Dickson,

    I have a couple of the RM1 dollar coins. May i know if its worth anything please.


  29. Hi Jimmy Chiew,
    Thanks for dropping by, and sorry for not being able to meet you as I was in Singapore attending an auction.
    I need to know the years and condition!

  30. could you please tell me the value of the full parlimen series 1 sen, 5 , 10, 20, 50 and 1 rinngit full set in bu/unc. tq.

  31. Hi Anonymous,
    It will cost you between RM3500 to RM3800 for BU/UNC set.

  32. dickson niew. thank you very much. I have a full set.with the 10C 1971. anyone interested to buy?

  33. Hi Dickson,
    can i know the market value of the 10cents coin from 1971?

  34. Hi Anonymous,
    1971 10 cents,RM380/UNC, RM450/BU.

  35. dear sir,

    i have a 1971 one ringgit proof certified p66. what is the value please.tq.


  37. I am collector who is willing to buy malaysian 1971 and 1972 malaysian 10 cent coin. Pls call me at +6598751427 for negotiations. Serious sellers only thk u :)

  38. Mr Khairil Anwar there was no 1972 Malaysian 10 cent coin produced by BNM.. I am serious..

  39. Hi Kantha Rao,
    Thank you for your good answer.I m serious too.HaHa!

  40. how much are u sold 1971 10cent?

  41. Hi Tee SEAN YONG,
    Current price RM450 in BU condition.

  42. Wah, so many so called experts here.

    Here are my opinions, and my opinions only. If you no like, please move on. Thanks.

    If I recalled my good old days, I was lucky that I was already born when this 10 cents 1971 saga coin when cocko!

    The shortage of this was first reported in 1972 (I think or was it 1971) together with the 50 cents varieties. When this was reported in the Chinese newspaper, the reporter also quoted that these two coins were worth RM4 (10 cents) and RM10 (for the 50 cents piece) each at that time. When the news broke, everyone went and hunt for the coins. Well, I did, even though I hardly have any pocket money at that time. Also around that time, there was a shortage of coins in circulation too, and some koptiams offered mint postage stamps as change for goods and services. I also remembered that at that time, traders would also tell you that they many not have the right change should you wish to do business with them. Small traders type etc.

    The reports also mentioned that most of the 10 cents coins were shipped to JB. Well, Johoreans, start searching now (again).

    Mintage of 30,000+ by any standard for a coin is plenty. Unlike banknotes, coins can last 100 years ++. Paying RM400+ for one, you got to be one with an ego as big as your head (not your brain). And only with an ego as big as your head can only drive prices up, up and up. (You have one, I also must have one too!).

    Well, I did managed to get one for the 10 cents 1971 (even I am not a collector now) but only in circulated condition, and I only paid 10 sen for it. I was from the north, but this coin came from the south. My family was self-employed and needed coins for business. My elder sister was then studying in KL. She asked one of her room mate to see if she can get loose chance for us from her kampung. She did and when this news broke, we, of course, dig in and have a look. Out of the bag of coin, we found one. Of course only in circulated condition. No UNC or BU (Bullshit Uncirculated)

    Well, this is my 2 sen. I just don't know why people get so stressed up for not getting what they want. This kind of behaviour only happened in Malaysia, Singapore, and lately in China, HK and Macau (for banknotes). Everyone got huge ego in this part of the world. Must be the heat in the Sun. Traffic lights changed too slow. Cars no fast enough... etc

  43. I am back...

    Look see look here!

    This seller has 10 pieces all in BU condition. Just sold one for RM450. Almost every one I know who collect coins have one too, be in any condition.

    Therefore my friend, how do you define the word - Rare?

    Beats me!