Token For Adult Only.

What is the difference between a coin, token, and medal ?

Token.25 Cents.Reverse.
(Che'Ri Collection)

This is important to know, because even many collectors confuse them, calling them all coins. A coin is a piece of (usually) metal with an assigned value, issued by a governing body. If it's not issued by some form of government, it's not a coin.
A token is a piece that is privately issued, with or without a specified value, but often used in lieu of coins.
A medal is a piece issued to commemorate, honor or recognize an event, place, person or group, with no stated value and not intended to circulate as money. A medal may be a private, or a government issue, but its sole purpose is to commemorate something.


   The Obverse of this Token is only for ADULT to view! 
              If you are BELOW 18 YEARS OLD,
                   Please DO NOT Scroll Down!

Token.25 Cents.Obverse.
(Che'Ri Collection)


  1. Hi Dickson.
    Its will be better to put the women breast with watermark or something. Someone who don't like your blog might report this as a porn blog. Just a suggestion & caution.

  2. Dear Lunaticg,
    Thank you very much for your suggestion & caution.
    I do hope these visitors of my Blog will look at this Token just as a Token,a piece of Art and nothing else!Please don't "color" it!
    Sometime is better to show what as it is,if watermark it,it may even attracts more imagination.Hehe!
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Is this available for sale?
    If have extra, i want this token.hehe

  4. Hi MGMSabri,
    For sale? Ini bukan saya punya!
    Tuan dia ialah Che'Ri dari Up Town 24.
    Dia kata tak jual,koleksi peribadi.Haha1