Malaysia Medal,Penang Straits Settlements King George VI Coronation 1936.


LOT(66)   1pc.    Penang Straits Settlements King George VI Coronation Medal 1936
                            Obverse: George VI and Elizabeth
                            Reverse: Penang's Coat of Arms   VF 

Reserve Price: RM50.00
Realised Price:RM80.00

Penang's Coat of Arms.
(MNS Auction 148.Lot 66.)

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.
(MNS Auction 148.Lot 66.)


  1. Hi Dickson,
    This is real cheap for the price of 80 bucks.
    We acquired one in below average condition for 30-40 bucks, if not mistaken at least 25 years ago.
    Guess its a medallion because ours too has a hole just like yours.
    Haha, after seeing this, or even when you put the reserve price in your blog earlier, we already have reservations about our earlier acquisition.
    Haha, its alright for us.
    Honestly this is not the first time we have made mistakes in our acquisitions.
    Fakes, mistaken grades, PMDs,, etc, etc.
    Arg! part and parcel of the learning process, we suppose haha.
    Thanks again for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Was owned by the old owener of the 20 Cents Security Edge Errors and the Brunei One Cent Copper Coin,1887 and going to be owened by the new owner of the 20 Cents Security Edge Errors
    and the Brunei One Cent Copper Coin,1887!

    Got it again?Haha!!

  3. Dear whycollect,
    Both of you were lucky to have the "Holely" medal!

  4. Hi Dickson,
    To be honest, we were not happy with the condition of this medallion later when we were a little more knowledgeable on exonumia or rather numismatic. (Haha, never heard of the word exonumia during those days).
    Anyway we are still keeping it till today.
    Looking back and going forward, we still think its safer to focus on numismatics or even bullion coins as the suppliers of these materials are mainly monopolistic or oligopolistic in nature.
    Really amazed with your 20sen freak.
    Wonder how in the world this 'alien planchet' managed to sneak into the mint, haha.
    Phew, what a beauty!
    Thanks Dickson :)

  5. Dear Whycollect,
    I am still looking for a coin from a country with this similar size,thickness,weight and security edge feature!Then I can be certained of it's identity!Please help me!!

  6. Hi Dickson,
    Will definitely let you know if we come across it.
    Notice this type of security edge are more prevalent among the bigger coins.
    Cheers :)

  7. Hi dickson,
    I have a very similar coin, the heads side is identical but the face says Canada . India . S Africa . Australia . New Zealand . Britain around it. It has a kind of Roman looking soldier sat on a throne holding a crown with a bird on top of the crown holding some foliage in its beak. It also has a hole like yours. I am not a coin collector as such (I dont know any of the terminology used on here). My idea was that maybe there was something through the hole that a ribbon could fit through, maybe it was a medal. I found mine in the garden, I used to find a lot of coins there as a kid. We lived on the grounds of an old concentration camp apparently in Manchester, England. I could send you photos but don't know how to contact you, I'd love to find out more about the coin. I have bookmarked this page in hope you will respond.

  8. Dear Margaret Jones,
    Hi,this is a medallion to commemorate George VI and his consort, Lady Elizabeth, were crowned king and queen of the United Kingdom and trip visit to USA,Canada,South Africa,India,Australia and New Zealand

  9. Is this still available? Would like to purchase it.

  10. Hi P. Sakthivel,
    Will keep you inform if they is !

  11. mak aii, nak dapat punya lah susah, RR tu susah kan? harga punya lah tak berbaloi umtuk dilepaskan.

  12. Saya ada ni duit...i have this coin.for sell.for detail can email me