Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 50 Cents Coins Were Minted In Year 2006.

No Issue

"Yes ! 19,480,000 pieces of 50 Cents coins were minted in year 2006,I was informed by the Mint. ", said Mr. Steven Tan of International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd at Pertama Shopping Complex yesterday.

In his catalogue; Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia,Singapore,Brunei Coin & Paper Money 19 th Edition 2012-2012, it was gazetted a total mintage of 19,480,000 pieces of 50 Cents coins dated with year 2006 were minted.

Collectors,especially the new comers were looking high and low and offered thousands of ringgit for a piece of Bunga Raya 50 Cents coins minted with year dated 2006.

Yesterday, once again I was being invited  to his office to help him to do some upgrades on his next issue of catalogue, I took the opportunity to inform him that the mintage of 50 cents in year 2006 in his catalogue is wrong,that is no issue at all.But he insisted that his figure was from the Mint.

So, where are all these 19 millions pieces of  50 Cents coins  minted in year 2006 now?
Why from year 2006 until now,no one have ever seen a piece of 50 Cents coin dated year 2006 in the market?

My analysis, likely and may be I am right, there were such amount of pieces of 50 cents coins minted in our Mint in year 2006 but NOT a single piece of 50 Cents coin is dated with year 2006.

2006 50 Cents No Issue

This figure of 19,480,000 pieces could be an accounting figure. May be a major part of  the total mintage  in year 2006 were still minted with 50 Cents coin dies dated with year 2005,because it was reported there were a total of 691,680,006 pieces of 50 Cents coins minted in year 2005.
Which means in year 2005, mint factory need  to operate for 365 days,daily must produce only 50 cents coins for 1,895,000 pieces ?

If my guess is correct that in year 2006 the mintage of 19,480,000 pieces of 50 Cents coins was  indeed an accounting figure, then all coin mintage figures listed in local catalogues are questionable!

What do you think?


  1. The rumours is true then but look like we are chasing a ghost here. Something is wrong and only BNM knew the answer.

  2. The keyword in the letter is "approved mintage". Approved mintage doesn't mean actual mintage.

  3. Thanks mr Dickson, very good info

  4. yap!we have to break down the wall to find the answer..the truth behind the wall.he he

  5. I suppose the cataloger has a moral obligation to ensure the accuracy of his catalogue to the interested numismatic communities else he is deemed just a

  6. Hi Dickson,
    Maybe time will tell.
    Just wondering by BNM is so secretive about the mintage of coins unlike countries like America where everyone can log into their site to check the latest mintage.
    And we really mean the latest figures because they are really very up-to-date.
    This way gives the viewers a sense of great confidence in the mint and the organisation.
    Our salute to the US mint in this aspect.
    By the way, this article on the 2006 50sen coins is very interesting.
    First time reading such information.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  7. Hi Lunaticg,
    Looked like BNM is not interested to promote Numismatic in Malaysia,since 2003 and 2004 the KL International Coin Show,no more any numismatic activity organise by BNM.

  8. Dear Choocl,
    Thank you for your comments.
    Is that a way to know the actual mintage?

  9. my-koleksi,
    Welcome to visit my Blog!
    I hope to see more comments from you to better my Blog!

  10. Hi faizal'
    I hope BNM will be more responsive to our curiousities !

  11. Hi nucoins,
    I think the catalogers are facing the same "dongeng" like us,unless BNM willing to have a department to deal with our quiries.

  12. Hi whycollect,
    This matter of 2006 50 Cents has been haunted me for many years !
    Although the actual answer has not prevail,but i hope it will leads to someone who can give us the actual picture of what it means by 'approved mintage'!

  13. Thomas Cup silver proof and 2000 Millennium Gold has a "authorized mintage" of 20K and 10K. We don't see many of them around and collectors doubt the mintage figure given in the certificate. K N Boon catalog listed the mintage of the 2 sets as "unknown". In my opinion, K N Boon Book tried to give actual mintage figure while Steven Tan Book give Approved/authorized mintage figure.

    Many years ago I was at the Royal mint in Shah Alam to purchase the RMK9/Police/Merdeka proof coins. I wanted to buy a few set of RMK9 but the mint got only one set left because it is an old issue. I was told that they can mint some more as they have not finish the quota (I assume they have not reach the "authorized mintage" yet). I place an order for a few more sets. Sadly the mint closed down shortly after that and I did not get the additional sets for my friends.

  14. choocl Sir,
    Huh ! now I know why the mint closed down shortly after that,because you just placed an order for so few sets, no enough for them to carry on lah!
    If you put an order for a few thousand sets during then,today-likely the mint will be still in operation and you will be very much more rich because these few coin cards are so much expensive now.Haha!

  15. who will break the secret code? just wait and see

  16. it seems that somebody should stand up and raise his hand to ask bank negara this question. and bnm should explain to us either this coin was really exist or not exist !

  17. Hi wei banknotes,
    Do not need to ask BNM, I can answer you "NO".
    Specimen may be !